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    Straight Male / 37

    I paid for sex for the first time in my life tonight. I gotta say, I would spend that much on a date, and may not score right away if a chick follows the three date rule...

    Tonight was as simple as finding a ho on an app that works similar to how backpage did or does in allowing solicitation through personal ads and hiding behind shaky legal loopholes.

    The escort was pretty cool. She was laid back and even let me call her a ho to her face without being slapped! In hindsight, I may have overused the word tonight tho- seriously, I may have used it (and the more formal 'whore') like every third word during sex!

    I can think of so many women whom I wanted to call that while banging them-- but the drama and fact that I sleep really hard after sex means I try to shy away from insulting someone that just has to wait 30 min and she could cut my dick off or something... nah, make sure she is satisfied and happy, nothing scarier than a pissed off woman stewing all night and has access to kitchen knives and bedroom. John Wayne Bobbit got his chopped off and she threw out of a moving vehicle randomly.

    Cool thing about the escort? She left when sex was over- I made a sandwich, turned on Netflix and smoked a fat joint naked and content with no awkward next morning. So the best part was my escort was totally down for anal- that's never an easy thing to accomplish and some don't do it at all. I was balls deep twenty minutes after she arrived. I just got divorced last year and don't want any attachment for right now so the business conducted in a "that was fun and sorry for the rugburns on ur knees- you shouldn't have told me not to stop, lock the door on ur way out please?" fashion is my cup of tea.... thanks hos!

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    What app do you use? Inquiring minds want to know. ;-)

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