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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    My wife was out partying and having fun while I stayed home and showered,,shaved my entire body then got dressed up and did my hair and makeup making myself look as feminine and as slutty as possible .My leather skirt .bra,high heels and top were all locking in some way and once I snapped the locks shut I would be unable to change out of my clothed and on display for anyone she brings home.Even the silicone inserts in my bra were held in place with a glue that required a special solvent to get it to release that Julie had locked in her safe . I dressed myself up like a slutty female and was going to be forced to remain this way the entire weekend but that is what I want ,even begged my wife to let me do .She finally agreed saying she was going to bring a man home and she was going to introduce me to him and make me explain it all to him which will be exciting as well as humiliating . I kept busy all night and really got excited when she called to tell me she would be home in a few be waiting at the front door she and the man she is bringing home to fuck her get there.I stood waiting at the front door feeling so nervous but unable to wait to open the door and be introduced to her date.I heard them walking up to the door and my wife giggling so I opened the door and let them in following them into the front room where I was introduced to my wifes date,,A big black man.......It was my boss,,My wife brought my boss home knowing who he was and what it would mean when she introduced us . When she introduced us he didnt recognize me at first so my wife explained it and said she had to pee and left us alone

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    how does it end, did your boss take you and your wife and you now his plaything at work?
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    My mom caught me in my sister's stuff with the neighbor boy who was just in his underpants. He was coming out of the bathroom after we had sex, lucky she didn't see anything else!

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