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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51


    This story is all about crossdressing.I have been dressing in woman's attire for over 45 years and really enjoy it. I get so excited putting on bra's,panties,nylon stockings stiletto high heels,boots.and wedge sandals,garterbelts,waist cinchers,short skirts,blouses,and dresses with earrings,bracelets,and necklaces.I like to be all woman.Now one time when I was 19, I drove down a secluded road and undressed and dressed up in a white 34DD bra with matching white thong,white 4 strap garter belt with coffee nylons and tan 4 inch sandal ankle strap high heels with a short black skirt and top with these dangling earrings.I like to fill my bra's with balloons to give me A nice full breast look.This bra and panty I took from this woman that I have been eyeing up for some time A Kay Parker look a like. She's very hot looking and sexy about 10 years older than me at the time.Once I was dressed I got out of my car like I usually do and take a little walk enjoying being dressed feminely.I'M 5'10'' with beautiful long legs and sexy hot ass. But this time a patrol car was coming down the road as I was almost at my vehicle.I got in and closed the door only to have the officer come to my car and see me with a skirt and nylons on asking me what I was doing and I replied nothing. He then asked me to get out of the car after checking my ID being exposed dressed as a woman I was shaking and so nervous now. He led me to the patrol car and opened the back door and said for me to get in.In the meantime his partner got out and they were talking to each other then the first officer came back and said that they were arresting me. Now being really embaressed and nervous. I said that I would do anything for this not to happen.The officers talked again and opened the rear door and asked me to step out of the car. They then asked to take off my top and skirt and to go take a little walk to give them a show, which I did.When I returned back where they were standing there was a blanket on the ground and they asked me to kneel down as they unzipped their flies.I knew what I was supposed to do. I never gave head but sure did learn fast sucking one than the other. I concentrated on one as the other officer went inside the car and came back out with latex gloves on and a condom on his cock with some lube he knelt behind me moved my thong and put his lubed finger up my ass, he said relax and be a good woman and take care of her man.He asked if I had a woman's name that I liked to be called and I told it was Jasmine.Suddenly his hard cock was in my ass. I continued sucking cock to ease the initial discomfort.He held me by the hips and slapped my virgin ass as the other officer started cumming in my mouth and instructed me to swallow it all down which I did.After a little more pounding my ass I came the officer pulled out and came to front of me and pulled off the condom and put his spasming hard cock in my mouth in which he exploded in my waiting mouth. I swallowed his cum all down finishing my sentence. But before they left I was instructed lick my cum off the blanket. I did.They then said to not drive back here again and left.I got in my car and took off my female attire dressed back up in my guys clothes and drove home thinking of what happened. Knowing that I was r**ed and sodomized for my freedom.I went straight home up the stairs and into the shower washing my just fucked body and rinsing my mouth. I began to cry knowing that what just happened was worth keeping my secret life safe. A few months later I was at a outdoor concert waiting for some friends as this cop came up to me and said Jasmine how are you and asked if I would like to do it again and he gave me his card.This was the only time that I been with men for sex.I basically dress
    up and get off enjoying being in my female attire.My fantasy is to wear a wig and put makeup on and walk around in public.I just love dressing up as a woman .I feel like a woman trapped in a man's body.My legs and ass still look so sexy.I wrote this story dressed in my sexy black and red lingerie with my black seamed full fashioned nylons and 5 inch red ankle strap stiletto high heels stroking my 7 inch pulsating cock.

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    I was fourteen when I got caught in girls clothes sucking another boys dick. It was a cop who caught us. Fearful I'd be found out I jumped out of the car and ran the cop ran after me and my friend took off leaving me there.

    The cop caught me after I got caught on a fence, he could see me in my panties as he slowly checked um out while he unhooked my skirt from the nail on the post. He mentioned that I was "sure a cutie, and in blue lace panties too, mmm-mm!" I blushed. I knew I was boyishly cute in a femmy way, all boy but smoothly cute in a fresh way.

    As he unhooked my skirt he slid his hand over my ruffled lace covered butt. Moving his other hand with the flashlight up the front inside of my thighs the flashlight between my legs like a huge penis his hand discovered my boyhood. "You're a boy!" He gasped. "I don't care, I love boycandy!" He said laughingly. He took me over his knee and spanked me through my lace panties, then instructed me to "SUCKIT!" He then made me submit in all its entirety, he stuffed my tight little ass with all of it, making me ride his cock panties aside so he could look at my face. It hurt till he came in a huge quantity soothing my stretched boyishly tight boypussy. He dropped me off with cumm soaked panties. That's when Mom caught me sneaking in.

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