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    Bi-Sexual Male / 24

    This isn't a sexual thing, but more of a freedom thing.

    You ever have those moments where you wake up in bed all warm, cozy, and just don't want to get out of bed, yet at the same time, your bladder is screaming at you? You then internally argue with yourself about just letting it all go or not because you're too stubborn to get out of bed.

    Well, I've been placing those waterproof underpads for the bed the past few years. While I only really only end up actually using it once a month or two, it's just so freeing when I do. Sure, I still have to wash the sheets, but it's not like I wouldn't be doing that soon anyway.

    It's stupid to admit, I know. My roommate back in college thought it was fucking weird, but he's also admitted being jealous about it on multiple occasions. He did take a couple pads before any nights heavy drinking nights we had. This was after he got so wasted and soaked himself. I currently live on my own, so who knows what he does now.

    I've never revealed to anyone I had brought into my bed, and luckily they never learned it was there. Not that any of them were interested in becoming a thing, anyway...

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