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    Lesbian Female / 26

    In my freshman year I had a roommate, she is one of those girls who is popular from the outset. She is pretty, smart, and outgoing. My personality is more reserved.

    Our dorm had a private bathroom and shower. We had been together for several weeks and that morning she came out of the shower, took her towel off and wrapped her towel around her hair and stood totally, beautifully, naked between our beds and she asked me what I was going to do that day. For a girl like me, I could only stare.

    She looked at me and asked me, "do you like girls?". I looked at her and she said in a sweet, modest voice, she looked into my eyes, and whispered "I like girls too". She took her towel and wrapped it around herself and sat on the bed across from me and asked me how long I had known.

    She asked me if I had ever had a girlfriend, had I ever acted out on it, or was I a virgin. She told me that she had one relationship, with a girl that she went to school with, but that in her senior year the girl told her that she wanted to be straight so it ended.

    She stood up again and dropped her towel and she asked me if she was attractive to me, that I should take my nightgown off and stand naked with her. Once we were both standing naked she took a brush and combed my hair and we kissed, she laid down on her back on my bed and asked me to lay down with her, and lose my virginity with her.

    I fell for her so hard, which she not only liked, but reveled in it. A month later, on this day in mid November, she made this paper heart and wrote "I am a lesbian" on it. Made a separate heart with "I am a lesbian" written on it. And she pinned the heart to my sweater and she pinned her heart to her sweater and said it was time that we walked out and stopped hiding.

    She was brave, we walked down our hall to the stairs, and down into the dining room, got our breakfast trays and went and sat down and ate breakfast. I would never have been able to do that. But we did, and we were out.

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