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    Lesbian Female / 54

    I went to a very conservative mid western state college. A few, but not many, long hair guys and girls in jeans and embroidered shirts, but mostly we were all pretty clean kids. In my sophomore year I had the opportunity to room with these other girls. Unlike my freshman dorm, which was an old style dorm, with a small room for two, and a shower and bathroom down the hall, this time I was in a suite, two bedrooms which were larger, and a bath and shower in between.

    What this meant is that when you showered, you were naked in front of your roommate. You got naked, maybe, if that, wore slippers, you were just naked and you went to the shower and after you were done you brushed your teeth naked, you did your hair naked, you stood around naked, you sat on the bed naked. Did I say naked? Yes, we got naked and we rolled around on the bed naked wrestling with another girl, sucking tits, getting your face down between her legs, or getting in the shower together and soaping each other.

    Once you have been soaped, and your shower partner is soaping your tits and gently playing with your nipples, once your shower partner uses her two fingers to gently wash your pussy, once you lean against the wall and let your shower partner use her fingers to wash your every nook and cranny, once you wash your partner's butt hole, once you lean over and gently use your tongue on her butt hole while the warm water washes down her back, you start to figure out that what you are doing is not just kidding around. Once your roommate gets naked and rests on her bed and opens her legs for you and you go down and love on her with all your might. Once you realize that is the last home football game of the season and you have not gone to a game with anyone other than your roommate, you start asking yourself questions.

    Questions like? What am I going to do for Thanksgiving? Will she come home with me? Will I go home with her? How am I going to tell my Dad that I am going to go spend Thanksgiving with my college roommate? How do you spend Thanksgiving at your roommate's house, when she only has her room and you have to share the bed because there is no guest room, and her Mom asks you if you don't mind? How do you sleep together, when all you want to do is just grab her and hold her when you know that the rooms are right next to each other and any noise you make will be heard by her family. How do you take a shower by yourself, knowing she is waiting for you, and you want her to be with you and you can't shower together?

    How do you sit beside her at Thanksgiving when all you want to do is kiss her and tell her you love her? That you are imagining having a Thanksgiving together when you are older and you can't figure out how there are going to be so many kids and who that man is going to be sitting at the head of the table. Who is that man? How is it going to be? Fixing Thanksgiving dinner together for your family? Your mind is racing while you listen to the prayer, at least your get to hold her hand while her father says the prayer.

    You go for a walk after dinner, just the two of you. You can't hold hands because of the neighbors. So you talk, talk about school and you talk to her about how are you going to have children. Does this mean that we are going to have to get married? Maybe we will live next door to each other. How will we know that our husbands will get along? What if one of the husbands takes a job in another state? We agree that the only thing to do is get married to two brothers.

    Separation was so hard that I cried for days. I was her maid of honor, she married a great guy. We spent our last night together, just the two of us, wrapped in each other's arms and swore that we would never stop loving each other. But the next day she married and he took her with him and they went on a honey moon and I stayed behind.

    My time came several years later, he took me to Hawaii for our honeymoon. I sat and watched the ocean thinking of nothing but her, living with her husband and her kids. Soon, in a year or so I would have my family started. But it is not he same. Thinking that you are going to be fixing Thanksgiving dinner and a man is going to be sitting at the head of the table and you are going to sit alone beside him, with your kids, how many? asking for this and that. Our husbands in different industries, different lives, they could be friends, but we won't even live in the same state.

    It is Thanksgiving that is the hardest. And every other day.

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    That's to bad.
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    I know that ache, and I'm sorry

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