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    Straight Male / 31

    I worked at a local retail store as a manager and one of my employees, a girl named Olivia who looked all Italian with a nerd-girl vibe and was 8 years my junior, was giving off crush-on-the-boss vibes. One day when we were doing inventory she tried to clumsily flirt with me, and I asked her if she wanted a spanking. She went all red and blurted out "yes please". So I spanked her and took her virginity. After a week we got into the whole dom-sub thing, she even called me "master".

    After a couple of months she came to work in tears crying because her parents had kicked her out (being good pro-family-values Christans they insisted Olivia have an abortion or give up the baby, she said "No"). I had to fire her so I could marry her. She was hysterical with relief that I was going to keep her. She married me and gave birth to Mikki our daughter. A couple of years later Olivia's parents tried to pretend there was no separation but she refused to play.

    Olivia and I have been married for seven years now and we've had a second child, our son Alan. She's still a bottom and I occasionally have her seduce younger men and women for my amusement. The kids should be old enough for joining in before she turns 30.

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