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    Posted by Anonymous

    Well I have a pet frog, shes a girl and shes a really nice frog so I named her after what ahe loves the most (Lillipads duh!) well I usually take her to the lake every sunday afternoon to hang with her buddies and croak and once she started peeing on her friend frogs and I was like Lillian--- STOP PEEING! cause you know like she is trained so then a whole crowd of people saw this but nope they had to idea I was talking to Lillian so I ran away from there and since I knew those people they knew all about me so it was hard to dodge them so I had to move to Dakota with my Aunt till this day I hope they never find me,,,, yes yes I know I was dramatic about that but come on did I mention Lillian not really a frog--- she's my little niece that lives with me at my own home---- get the point now????????

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    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a/la skip town!!!!!
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    What in the <b>Hell</b> are you talking about?!?!
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    Not really. Could you be more specific?
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    Ok, more specific, then ok: I have a little sister, can you digest that? Well my little sister is just a little baby, alright, well more like a toddler she's 3 but back to the point I took her out to play with the frogs she plays with SHE LOVES FROGS but this time she peed on them,alright? tell me you don't think thats the least bit embarrassing?????

    From: the confessor
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    Yeah well do understand that now?
    (from the confessor)

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