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    Straight Male / 40

    I have a cousin who is very hot! We've always been close but lately I've been wanting her. I've also been noticing my daughter more and more. What or how can I seduce them?

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    Just be polite and helpful with both.Groom well.Don't act desperate and leave your poor daughter alone,go for the cousin instead.Best luck.
    17 days ago
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    Corner the cousin, finger her deep.
    16 days ago
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    MONEY. Enough buys ANYTHING.
    16 days ago
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    I'm at a party with her right now and she's been drinking quite a bit. Maybe tonite I can try. Any input on how?
    15 days ago
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    #4 You were at the party, and you wrote here to ask for advice! You must be a really fun person because no one were talking to you even at the parties.

    How in the fuck have you managed to ever get a wife and to reproduce? Oh right, you haven't.
    11 days ago

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