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    Straight Male / 28

    After being married for 4 years my wife and I arenât really grossed out by much anymore.

    Last night she had diarrhea all night after getting home from work. No idea why, she must have ate something. We were planning on having sex that night but I just laid in bed naked watch tv until she finally came to bed. We went to sleep instead of have sex.

    We wake up 3 hours early in the morning so we can get ready and spend a little bit of time together. I was laying in bed still when she went to the bathroom and she came out and said âsince we didnât have sex last night, want to do a quickie right nowâ. Me being me said well heck yes, I was gonna ask you for a blowjob.

    She laid a towel on the bed and I was already hard. She tossed me a bottle of lube and said anal this morning. I need it after last night. I asked if it was all cleared out and she said there might be some in there still, anal with help me relax to get it all out. No big deal for me so I rubbed lube on my cock. Put lube on her asshole and slide right in.

    Nothing pretty about this sexy. Doggy style with me just pounding away as it was a quickie. I could feel towards the end that she was very relaxed and it felt as if some warm was around my cock. I cummed and so did she. I pulled out and yep I had some poop on my cock. She got up, ran to the bathroom to push it all out. I went into the shower. A few moments later she was joining me in the shower since itâs made for two people. Did the normal hugging, kissing and soaping each other in the shower.

    Got out and got part way dressed. Was sitting on the couch in my button down shirt and my briefs. Told my wife Iâm a bit hurt. She asked why. I said my cum isnât in you anymore. She was like really. She came over. Got down in front of me and pulled my tighty whities down in the front. Blew me and I came quick. She swallowed and said there probably solved!

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    BS with capital B and S.

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