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    Straight Male / 49

    My wife and I love to watch MFM porn in bed, and get turned on talking about doing something like that. I love to tell her what I'd like to do to her while she rides a nice stiff cock. He doesn't need to be hung like a horse, but if he was, that would be fine. She's had a few guys with big dicks, so I'm sure she would enjoy a big cock. My fantasy is to get behind her and tongue fuck her ass while she bounces on his cock. She thinks that, that would be incredible. I'd love to be trying my best to keep my tongue in her ass while she is fucking another guy as hard and as fast as she can. I'm not afraid of a little male on male contact. After he pounds her to a few mind blowing orgasms, I want her to climb off of him, and lay down and let him climb up and straddle her shoulders on his knees, and finish in her mouth while I go down on her soaking wet pussy, with a great view of him fucking her mouth and blowing a huge load down her throat. When he's finished fucking her mouth, I want to climb up over her body, licking and sucking on her, and do some serious kissing, with lots of tongue. I want to taste his cock on her breath as I make out with her.

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    I love this, it REALLY turns me on. The best thing I ever did was MfM with my bf and a friend of his. He was hung like a Pringle s can, and even though my bf was small, it felt like I was being ripped in two.
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    I’m a male and would volunteer my cock to help out. Wish my wife was adventurous — even a little. She’s very vanilla. You’re lucky
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    More details #1. What did the three of you do?
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    Its really hot that your wife lets you talk about doing an MFM and her taking another guys cock. My also will listen while I talk about that and admits its a fantasy of hers. I would love to fuck your wife - I would thrust in and out of her wet pussy, then let her suck me till I cum in her mouth.
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    OP here. My wife has fucked around with a few guys on the side, with my permission. She wasn't doing it without my knowing. It really turned me on knowing when she was having sex with one of her lovers. My mind would race the whole time wishing I could be there to watch as they fucked her brains out. And I really wanted to watch as she sucked their cocks. She picks who she wants to fuck around with. I don't tell her who she can or cannot fuck. They aren't aware of our agreement, or they might run for it. To weird for their taste. What we have now is pretty sexy, but I'm waiting for her to find a guy that she trusts to do a MFM threesome, and keep quiet. We have a guy in mind, but she hasn't had the right opportunity to suggest it.

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