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    Straight Female / 24

    I have a job I enjoy. I’m happily married and have good sex with my husband. In or department I have a mid 30’s boss and two coworkers. He is a good boss to work with and we as a group exceed work expectations. The thing is us ladies could get him fired for sexual harassment’s. The reason we don’t is we all enjoy it. I started work 3 years ago. The other two ladies warned me how he was. His thing is to give quick groped to our private parts. One of the other lady coworkers ask me one day have I let him have it yet. I said no I haven’t. She said if I do I would never regret it he is good. I wear open tops so he can squeeze my breast easy. I wear tight pants or shirts so he can feel between my legs easy. I had my first son and he enjoyed rubbing my pregnant belly. My husband really wants a lot of sex so it helps me not cheat with my boss. I know he beds the other two ladies but I haven’t gave in yet. My only concern is what will become of this situation.

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    Don't do it.
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    Agree with #1. Ive been the boss and I've been the husband, it only leads to trouble. I've seen a lot of people get fired over it, losing good jobs. He'll get caught one day.

    Get horned up at work and go home and take out your urges on your husband, he deserves it more than your boss.

    Stop letting your boss take advantage of you, its unprofessional and just makes you look like another slut.

    Sorry to be so honest, but I've had women friends wish I had been with them before they got in trouble or lost good jobs.
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    You will lose your husband and son when this blows up. It will some day.
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    I enjoy an occasional flirt and contact with my boss. He is straight and proper. My hormones want my body to give him anything he wants.
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    fuck his brains out, it's going to happen and you know it.
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    Why do women like fucking their bosses so much? I've fucked eight female employees, and it could have been a lot more if I'd really been into it. Five gave me a hard time after I finished with them. Two of those were married, and it ended badly - both husbands suspected, one became an alcoholic and one killed himself. One relationship turned out even worse - we ended up married!
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    Listen slut puppy, all three of you office girls get it on with him at the same time, then, you bitches will work it out.
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    My boss is single. I gladly give him stress relief. I spend more time with my boss than my family. It is the natural thing to do.

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