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    Straight Female / 31

    If there are two things that I adore most during sex, it's having my pussy, clit and asshole licked. And also having my asshole destroyed by being fucked really really hard.
    If I had to scale my orgasms in strength from one to ten, I'd put vaginal fucking at around five to six. Having my pussy, clit and asshole tongued, at around six to eight. But having my asshole drilled so hard it makes me walk funnily afterwards, at a perfect, wonderful and awesome TEN.
    So when my husband, without any discussion or prior consultation with me, decided because of his new found love of Christ he wouldn't go down on me, or more drastically to me, fuck my asshole, I was livid.
    I tried and tried to get him to reconsider, but after three months I literally gave up. What I didn't know near to the end of my sexual tether with him, was a teenage neighbor of ours had overheard us arguing in our kitchen about my longing to have oral sex and to be fucked anally. I found out he knew some weeks later however, when he saw me at the mall on my own.
    I'd gone there to pick up a package from one of those pick up points. The ones you use after you've ordered from the internet. Inside the package was a suction cup dildo, one I was going to use to enjoy anal sex in the shower. Only when I got the item from the locker, he was stood there.
    The words out his young mouth were "Hey Mrs C*****, if you ever need eight inches of hard cock instead of that, let me know". The locker pick up point, I later learned was a popular place for people, married women and men to pick up sexual items for themselves.
    Without thinking about what I was saying and who to, I asked our neighbor who was eighteen at the time, if he'd like to join me in my car and I'd give him a ride home, but not before stopping off at a place I know, so he could fuck me.
    In my car and for forty amazing minutes of sex, I had our neighbor not only tongue out my pussy, clit and ass. But I also had him fuck my pussy first, then after so long without, he absolutely annihilated my asshole, making my climax so so many times.
    The orgasms he gave me were some of the best I'd ever experienced. Whether that was his thicker cock, or just the fact I'd not had that kind of sex in so long. What I do know is, I became infatuated with him and his youthful powerful stamina. I even chanced a suck on his cock as I dropped him off, tasting my own juices from his penis.
    Now we don't fuck in my car, but do fuck as many times as we dare in my home. He calls by when he knows my husband is at work, or more often these past few months, when he's at church.
    It's not that I don't love my husband, because I do in a more platonic way. The fact is, I have my and adore sexual needs, and if my husband cannot and will not meet those needs, then I'm going to continue to seek out men who will. For now, a nineteen year old is more than fulfilling my anal longings four to five times a week. Something that my husband used to give me.

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    This is all sorts of wow. I hope to hell this is true - if so you might just be my dream woman!
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    Fuck'n born agains...
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    I smell bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

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