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    Lesbian Female / 48

    My parents divorced when I was 14. I barely made it through high school, I graduated but just barely. I got a job working as a checker at the local Safeway. A man lived in our neighborhood. He was an older man, he was divorced, and one day at the check out counter he asked me if I wanted to earn some extra money, I could come to his house to clean.

    My mother took me to his house to talk with him. His house was a lot like ours, three bedrooms and two baths. She negotiated a rate for me and told him that I could only come over to clean when he wasn't there. He gave her a key. She went with me and bought me these cleaning supplies, she got me a bucket to carry them, she had him buy a mop and broom and show her where he kept the vacuum cleaner. He had a washer and dryer, so doing his laundry I didn't need to carry it back to my house.

    I started and after I was done my mom came over to check. I had to redo the shower. She told me he had probably not had the shower cleaned in forever, so it took both of us to get it the way my mother liked it. She also got on me about folding his clothes. I had to take everything out of the dresser and fold all his clothes again. He had left an envelope on the kitchen counter, which my mother took with her.

    After several weeks my mother didn't come over to check. I took her the envelope and she counted the money and quizzed me about what I had done. He never complained.

    This one afternoon I was putting his shirts away, and I decided to look at a box that he kept on the top shelf of the closet. It has always been there, but that afternoon I decided to look. It was full of pictures, pictures of this naked girl. She was real pretty and she was naked, and I sat on the bed and looked at all the pictures.

    After that when I got bored, I would get the box down and look at the pictures. I started to get undressed and pose like her, and imagine the man taking my picture. I started to dream about her at night, and that is when I started to masturbate at night. I wanted to me naked just like her, so I would take all of my clothes off and masturbate at night. I started to kiss the pillow pretending that I was kissing her, I would touch myself pretending that she was touching me, I would hold my chest out pretending to have breasts like her.

    My mother would go check on the house after I cleaned only once in a great while. I did a good job, she never had any complaints and he never complained. She took the money and one day when I asked her why she kept the money, she told me I was paying rent for living with her. I didn't care, because I always got my work done fast and I could sit and look at the pictures. I started to masturbate at his house, mostly fingering myself while I looked at the pictures. Soon I was using this and that to fuck myself with, my favorite for a long time was this long handled spatula, with a round handle, with indentations, that I could use to fuck with. But I also used a hammer, a cucumber, but I had not learned to leave it out so it wasn't cold from the refrigerator, but my favorite was the spatula. I could fuck all afternoon with the spatula.

    One Saturday, he caught me at the Safeway and asked me how things were going. He asked if I could take my break, because he wanted to talk to me. I checked with my supervisor and I got my break and we went and sat at one of the tables outside where people would sit when they bought their lunch. He told me that I was doing a good job. He asked me about the box. He told me that he noticed that the box was always in a bit different place. And that the pictures were always in a different order. He asked me if I was looking at the pictures.

    I was embarrassed, but he said it was OK, he figured I liked them. He told me it was an old girlfriend from his misspent youth, but he had never been able to throw them away. He asked me, if I wanted, maybe he could photograph me. He would make sure they were nice pictures. He started staying home on the day that I went to clean, and he took my pictures. At first, posing like the girl in the box, but then doing housework, and then he asked for crotch shots, and then he told me he needed to fuck me, he just needed to fuck me and he did.

    I still have those pictures, of me. I keep them in a safe place, where I can look at them, and he gave me the pictures of the girl, and I masturbate to them when I get to looking at those pictures. My mother never figured out that he fucked me, and I never told her. For several years, after I moved out of my mother's house and I had a man over, I would think of him when I was getting fucked. It always made it easier. After I got older, I started to subscribe to magazines like Playboy, but I soon only subscribed to Hustler and Penthouse, which came in plane brown paper covers and I would enjoy the girls. I never married, I lost interest in men a long time ago, deep down inside of me I needed to find out what it was like to get between the legs of one of those girls, to just get lost, to take my own pictures, to make those dreams come true, to feel those kisses, to kiss them right down there, and take some crotch shots afterwards. I share mine with them, and we laugh at how innocent it was when you first spread your legs to get attention.

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