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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    As a young teen I wasn't perverted by a dirty old man. I was slowly perverted by my best friend's mother.

    In her mother's bedroom were some black and white pictures of her mother, in the nude, when she was a young woman. And over her bead was a large, blow up picture, of her crotch. It was big, and nasty looking, and you could make out all her parts, she told us that she was twenty when she had that picture taken, she always liked it, and it reminded her of her youth, when she just fucked for fun.

    That picture turned me on. The idea of having your pussy photographed like that, blow up, and put on your bedroom wall over your bed, that was a turn on. And whenever I spent time with my girlfriend, she let me go into her mother's room and look at that picture, and the other ones of her naked, on the wall. I guess if you grow up seeing your mom naked, and seeing her open pussy like that every day, you get used to it. But for me, just seeing her naked turned me on.

    One morning, I had spent the night, we were having breakfast and her mother asked us point blank. No preparation, she asked if we had given a blow job yet. I mean, we were fifteen. We had certainly not given a blow job. She told us that boys like blow jobs, and it didn't matter what else we heard, if you sucked a boy, you kept a boy. The best way to keep a boy to yourself, was to keep his dick in your mouth. Girls were naturals at blow jobs, it was an art, and you had to work his dick in your hand, using your thumb under his dick, to slowly get him real hard and suck down hard on him while you squeezed his dick, and he would blow every time.

    If we were ready to give pussy, then to let her know so she could put us on contraception. She left the table and came back with these condoms and showed them to us. She went and got two bananas and made us slip the condoms over the bananas. She said that if we had a condom over a banana, we could use the banana to fuck ourselves, just saying because sometimes you needed to get fucked. She also told us a fact of life. Guys won't put a condom on, unless it is the only way they can get to your pussy. So every girl had to have her back up plan with her, condoms in her purse and practice on how to get a condom on a dick. We got our first set of condoms to carry in our purse.

    She rented some videos, hard core stuff and she made us watch them with her. She explained what was fake and what was real, and she told us that even the whores that made the movies got wet, but what she needed us to focus on was how the guys dick slipped into her pussy. She brought out these dildos. She took off her panties, sat back on the couch, opened her legs up and inserted this dildo straight up her vagina. She told us to do the same, to stretch our vaginas with the dildos, so when we got fucked it went right in.

    She spread our legs open, with this movie on the television, she wanted to see if we were wet, she fingered me, and then took the dildo and inserted into me and she told me to fuck myself. She turned to her daughter and told her to do the same. We say lots of movies, and a good share of lesbian movies, and a couple of anal movies.

    She told us that when she was in college, that was the time to fuck around with another girl. That is how you got practice and it was safe, and not to turn our noses up to it. A hot wet pussy was something that you had to learn to enjoy, especially if you wanted that rugby player girl to enjoy your hot wet pussy. That afternoon we got hands on instructions, and we got video instructions. And we learned that she did girls, girls were safer and you couldn't get pregnant, so do a girl, until you got married, then if you got pregnant it didn't matter.

    It was just that we were dense. We didn't get it. It just never crossed our minds that her mother wanted us to get together. She told us, when she just broke down and told us to get together and practice, practice, practice. She told us that her first affair was with her girlfriend at school. She was the girl that every jock wanted, but she was the one getting that hot pussy. That some guy fucking you was just that, getting fucked. It was all about him fucking you, not about you. But as girlfriends, then we could really be about making each other feel good. There was only one time when you were going to get a shot at new pussy, and that was when you were new pussy too.

    She had us shower together that night. She told us that we were supposed to lather each other, gets our hands on some tits and ass, to get our tongues together, to makes sure that no other girl was going to be the one getting into our pussies. We did the thing, going down. We did do it. It was different, and we did get wet doing it. We also used the dildos like she told us. But in the end the only part that felt good was sleeping naked.

    It was a long time before we got comfortable being naked, that we got comfortable just touching each other, having our faces caressed by breasts, going down and enjoying her, and her pussy got wet, dripping wet and after I went down on her telling her that I did love her, I mean if I was eating her pussy it was because I did love her.
    It was a long time before we found out how good it felt to just sit and make out on the couch, and get a feel of a boob or a leg or an ass cheek, or get so hot that you pull her down on you. But that took time, like it took us getting to be seventeen, and eighteen and going to college. It was in college where we really let ourselves go, it was in college when we really got down to business and became true lovers. It was also in college where we experimented with some guy fucking us. Yes it was good, yes there was something about it, but no it wasn't what we wanted, not then.

    It wasn't until we were in our late twenties before we got married and got fucked as wives. Being married is OK, it must be something inside of you that tells you to get married. But that does not mean, not by any means, that when it comes time to having real sex, you don't do it with that one girl, that one girl that you have been having sex with since you were fifteen. Because having sex with her, that is what you really want. When you get with her face to face and you tell her you love her, you mean you love her, and when you kiss with her, you kiss with her. And if your stupid husband doesn't get it, doesn't rally understand that the one person for your life, is your girlfriend of when you grew up, well then he is dense. Girlfriend love is forever. That is what her mom knew about us. That crazy woman who fucked men and women, and not always one at a time. That crazy woman who had a crotch shot of her pussy over her bed, to remind her that when it comes to being who you are, there just isn't anything better than pussy. There just isn't.

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    You exhibit your immaturity profoundly girl. Your beliefs, sadly, are full of flaws especially when it comes to nature & instinct. I've met and been acquainted with dozens of girlfriends and women who would wholeheartedly and acutely not only disagree, but rebuke your foolish "girlfriends are forever" theory. Clearly you need more preparation for the real world. Perhaps that lady you mention might help you.

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