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    Three days ago I woke up with the distinct feeling of having my cock sucked. Turning my head to my left I saw the shape of my wife, who was fast asleep. She takes sleeping pills regularly, so knowing she'd taken some I was a little bit unnerved to feel my cock definitely being sucked the more I awoke. Looking down in the gloomy dark, I caught the sight of my daughters head bobbing up and down. This is where I tell you I stopped Katie and sent her to her own bedroom, only to berate her the following morning. It didn't happen that way at all. I lay there as quietly as I could and let my nineteen year old daughter suck me off. And I also held her head down when I was about to cum. Forcing her to remain on my cock, she gulped and tried to pull back, but I held her firmly, making her swallow everything that flew out of my dick. When I released her, she rose up quickly and whispered in my ear "That was real dirty of you daddy".
    Even though she asked me to, I didn't follow her to her room, as I knew if I went as she begged me to (Yet again), she'd want me to fuck her. This is also where you expect me to say it was the first time it had happened. Well that in some ways is true. It's the first time Katie has dared to suck on my cock whilst her mom was in the same bed. However Katie has been sucking on my dick for the past nine months, ever since she caught me fucking a twenty year old slut who lives across from our home. She pretty much told me then, if I didn't give her what she wanted, she'd let her mom know everything. The same evening I allowed my daughter to suck on my dick, as she had me licking out her sweet tasting pussy and ass. It's been that way since that day, although so far I've refused to fuck her. But that particular situation might just be out of my control soon. It's because Katie's mom is traveling over to her sisters for a week shortly. Katie has already told me, she'll be sharing my bed. And has been ramping up her requests for me to fuck her. Believe me it's not easy denying her and myself, what we both know will be awesome sex.

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    Get out of here!
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    Sex with daughter is crossing the line. I have 2 very pretty daughters and they are off limits
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    And from what porn movie is this story taken?
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    This should be posted correctly under dreams and wishes.
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    Was it more exciting her sucking your cock while your wife was asleep at the side of you
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    This lacks credibility because with dames it's all about money. When she learns the word blackmail, you'll be in a bushel of crap. That's when the blackmail will end because you'll have to explain where your money went. 's a fool born every minute.

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