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    Straight Female / 29

    When my husband married me he was quite vocal that he wanted kids right away. Also, he was quite vocal about me going camping with him. Neither was on my radar. I agreed to the kids, but no camping. After a year I was unable to conceive for him, tons and tons of tears, doctor after doctor. I was told it was most likely him. How do you tell a man he is probably not fertile enough to impregnate you?

    I agreed to one camping adventure. He planned it out, seven days, high country, vistas he wanted me to see. I suffered so much, I hated it, hated it. We had sex once out there, and not my choice or idea. He was grossly aggressive and nothing I said made any difference. I also got pregnant.

    My relationship with him is different. I am, to put it mildly, his baby factory, I am on number three. His bedroom demeanor is also different, no is no longer in my vocabulary. ;

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    That sounds kinda like my wife. She is in heaven watching over me now. But we were happily married for many decades and I never heard her say NO but one time. That was once when I asked her if she has had enough.
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    SILLY, You need to wake up. Women in general were reeducated many years back that NO means YES anyhow.
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    #2 raises quite a valid & serious point. Men and women alike are in comprehension with the transformation or transition that is occurring for probably the past twenty years. i.e. 'forced sexual relations' are now behind us for the most part. Law enforcement snickers at use of the 'r' word. Women don't file charges for sexual misconduct. The u.s. culture is changing. It's now referred to as " feminine mandate" for women when a man desires sexual relations. The game has been over for a long time now. Women grew up and acknowledged their feminine requirement. Why 'no' is not in any dame's vocabulary anymore.
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    Funny, Hundreds of years pass and no one, not one understands that this "marraige" BULLSHIT IS Bullshit. Does ANYONE learn??????

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