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    Straight Female / 31

    I like the freedom of being nude. We built a pool with a high privacy fence. I was catching some sun, totally nude and I looked up and over to my left and two young Hispanic men were on the neighbor's roof, just sitting there looking. I can't properly describe the erotic sensation knowing they were taking it all in.

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    Why not have me eating your twat in that situation.
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    More evidence this silly website has many female dreamers as well. THAT is all she wishes because she wouldn't have a clue what to do if them two roof sitting spics decided to scale that bogus fence & ravish her.
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    I totally understand what your getting out of it letting a stranger see you nude,
    it started with me when I noticed my next door neighbours son watching me strip before I shower I felt embarrassed and my flesh started to tingle with excitement my vagina went wet to the point where it was dripping out of me, I exhibited myself lots of times pretending I wasn't aware of being watched I use to bend over with my bottom to the window, the sexual feeling was fantastic, I had orgasms without doing anything to myself,
    I started to do things in public I sat on a park bench with my legs open without undies on but you can get unwanted attention.
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    Bingo!! #3 is clearly some man & his scenario with some sort of transgender dreams he wishes to fulfil.

    Either that or we can reference comment #2 where she is some dreamer wishing to get laid or ravished by the men she teases.

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    Pffff. Taking what in?? Average b cup breasts and a shaven pubis doesn't make a scumbag appear attractive. Yaw get over your perverted, creepy self.
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    I love nudity in front of strangers when I get the opportunity, one thing I like doing is sitting in a café with my legs open without underwear, I don't know why I get so turned on men men are looking up my skirt I orgasm if its a woman do, I have had lots of approaches

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