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    Straight Male / 21

    Iâve never been one that was super attracted to bigger women. But I slept with my 350 pound coworker. Iâve been a kickboxer for as lomg as I can remember and regularly do cross fit so Iâm in decent shape. Iâm only 21 and have had a lot of very model status girlfriends. They all look the same, thin and blonde. My coworker is a very nice girl, super funny, brown hair, sheâs just medically extremely obese. We work at a theatre and she is so big and worked there for so long they decided to widen the concession stand walk way so she could get around people without rubbing her sweaty fleshy body on everyone and knocking things over with her hips.

    One night, at a late special screening it was just me and her closing. Everyone had finally left around 1 am and we were planning to get about by 1:45 am. I was getting pissed because I was doing all the work, vaccummimg the WHOLE theatre, cleaning the oily popcorn machine, etc. she was just sitting in a chair eating a WHOLE party pack of tacos from Taco Bell that her boyfriend brought her. I stormed over to her and asked her why she wasnât helping. She jokingly said she was trying to make her boobs bigger by eating. I told her I donât know how they could get much bigger. And she asked if I wanted to see them.

    Me being a guy I thought why the hell not? Iâll check out her tits and that will be the end of it. This women is so big she needed help taking off her shirt and her bra was enormous. She struggled for a bit to unhook her bra from the back and her massive breast just pooled out, wave after wave of flesh. I ask if I can touch them and she nods while eating another taco. I slowly massage the huge mountains, my hands not even coming close to cupping it all. Before I know it Iâm on my knees, face between her cleavage licking and sucking, leaving hickies all over her as revenge for her being lazy. I pop one of her large nipples in my mouth, toying with it like candy waiting for it to turn bright red. As Iâm doing this I hear a crunch and feel Taco crumbs fall on my head. This bitch is eating a hard shell dorito locos Taco while Iâm giving attention to her breast.

    I quickly stand up, tell her to take off her pants. She seems surprised at first but sets down her box of food to do so. This girl had so many waves of pale dough like fat rolls it was like a never ending ocean. I forget how heavy she is and grab her thighs to lift her up and put her on the desk. Sheâs WAY too heavy. She just laughs, stands up, then kneels, whips out my cock and starts stuffing it down her mouth like itâs a fat corn dog. Iâll tell you one thing, this girl knows how to put things down her mouth. She sucked on my dick as hard as she could trying to get to the cream filling. I push her away quickly, feeling the urge to cum. I tell her to sit on the desk and take off your panties. She does, and I end up fucking the life out of her. Every time i thrust it felt like I was pushing up against a marshmellow, I could feel her chubby fingers digging into my back as i gave her all 9 inches of my cock. He orgasms multiple times and I filled that Twinkie with my cream. And she left with hickies covering her neck.

    To this day I have no idea what possessed me and the idea of thinking about it or doing it again revolts me but I feel bad because her boyfriend figured it out and broke up with her and I still let her blow me in the back while at work on occasion but I have to go to work drunk or high to let her touch me now or close my eyes and think of different girls.

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