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    Posted by Anonymous

    While walking with my husband we both wanted to pee. We went into an almost empty bar and straight to the toilets. The women's toilets were out of order and I was in si much hurry that I said to hubby that O was going to the men's toilets with him. The only cubicle was occupied and I could hardly hold my pee. After a moment's hesitation, I dropped my pants and my underwear down to my ankles, abd held my lips open to pee standing up next to husband. It was a bliss! Suddenly, the toilet door opens and two men came in and saw me peeing with my pants down! I couldn't stop peeing and had to hold my lips wide open because it started dripping down my legs. It took me a minute or so to finish, it seemed an eternity. They obviously enjoyed the show because they came to stand next to me and looked straight on my exposed genitals. Finally, hubby gave me toilet paper and I wiped myself in front of everubody. I was all red in the face, it was the most embarassing moment in my life.

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    Oh my gosh! why didn't you just wait i mean really it would have risked you the embarrassment!!
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    Jeez that is EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!
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    Embarassing is an understatement!! Not only I could not stop peeing when the men walked in the toilets, I had to stand with my legs open and hold my vagina open because I am shaved and I didn't want to pee my legs (women know what I mean!!)

    I am still embarassed when I think of what I went through, only my husband reminds me occasionally and smiles. I have a feeling that the bastard enjoyed my humiliation..
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    Hi. Something similar happened to me, only it was at a party at a friend's house. It was well after midnight and most people were tipsy. I went to the toilet to have a pee and forgot to lock the door. I avoid sitting on toilets except at my home, so I lifted my skirt and took off my underwear so that I could pee half sitting with my legs open. And, yes, I am shaved too and I know what you mean about shaved women!!! When I was half way through (fortunately I released gases early in the process!), the toilet door opens and a half drunk man walks in! He looks at me with glazed eyes, says 'excuse me' and stands there in front of me waiting for me to finish!! It was one of those moments one wishes the earth opened up and swallowed them.. It took me what seemed like ages to finish and all the time the man was watching me.
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    wut do u mean by shaved?
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    That's some story! Has your husband blackmailed you with it? Those two guys got quite a show, I'm sure they've relayed it to all their buddies. Good thing that they were strangers.

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