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    I was a serial cheater. I've had so many affairs but I've never been caught by my husband. He's never suspected, never been suspicious. As far as he knows he's the only man I've ever slept with but he's really one of about thirty. I've stopped cheating though because even though I need the sex I need the emotional lift of extramarital sex more. Each time I sleep with a man I can't just let it be sex for sex's sake it always ends up with me attached to the guy, trying to get more and more from him, wanting that emotional connection desperately until I drive the guy away. Honestly I know most men just want sex with me and that's it and so they run as soon as I show them there's more to it for me. I always end up hurt and depressed so I'm determined to avoid all affairs in the future. I'm going to stick to masturbating and trying to get more sex and emotional support from my husband as well.

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    Yeah, that's usually what an affair is... It's lust and sexual gratification but most guys don't go in to it hoping you'll leave your husband. And if you're getting feelings, most guys don't want to push the affair to awkward emotional states that will get you two caught.
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    Your a good, intelligent person.
    I am a man, 57 years old with a lot of life experience. I think you did good for yourself, opens the mind of course. I see your heart is good although you needed "something new and different". Your choice is good, However, there are two aspects, the sex and the love, both as you know very different. If you need sex AND CAN CONTROL the "urge" for love then I would say BE SAFE BUT enjoy life, there is only one :) When we hurt we evolve :)
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    I made friends with the two men I had an affair with before we started. It was emotional attachment for me also
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    Read into ethical non-monogamy. You might find it will allow you to open yourself to sex and emotional connection with other people while maintaining (or even strengthening) your marriage. Just maybe don't tell your husband about all the affairs, just say it's something you need in your life.

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