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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 42

    When I was about 16 and out of my mind sexually I was really reckless. I would jerk off anywhere and everywhere, try to rub up against any women or girl I was near and would do crazy shit with my dick trying to expose myself to women. Thankfully I outgrew that shit pretty quick as my hormones calmed down but there's one thing I really regret. I worked over the summer as a fill in janitor at a school. My boss's boss was a really attractive woman probably in her mid-thirties. I jerked off constantly thinking of her. Then I started jerking off in her office when she was at lunch. I would jerk off on her wooden chair then clean it up with her tissues. Then one day I took it way too far. I jerked off into a jar of peanut butter she kept in her office and stirred it in and closed the lid and got out of there. I ended up cumming in that jar maybe ten times in a month. The peanut butter was slowly being used so I knew she was eating my cum which drove me crazy at night when I jerked off. Thankfully one night it just dawned on me how disgusting I was being and I just stopped all that stuff. I snuck into her office and threw out the jar and stopped everything except jerking off at home in private. I don't know what I was thinking being a POS like that but I have to attribute it to hormones being out of wack. Now I wonder what kind of crazy shit teens I know now are doing when no one is looking.

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