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    Straight Female / 51

    My ten year old son is not my husband's child. He is the child of a beautiful man I became obsessed with and tried to seduce over and over again for months. He would occasionally give in enough to use his fingers to make me cum and a few times ate me out. But he'd never let me take his dick out of his pants so I was resigned to the fact that he'd never actually fuck me. Then one day I got him going and he went so far as to take off my pants and panties and he ate me out for a long time and used his fingers to make me cum so many times I just zone out. While I was zoned out he must have took his pants off because he flipped me onto all fours and I felt his pushing his dick into me. I was shocked but thrilled and he fucked me so good, really so good. A few more orgasms for me and I had stopped rocking on his dick and he was gripping my hips and fucking me like a robot, slamming his dick in harder than I've ever been fucked. He started moaning like he was gonna cum so I said hey don't cum in me, don't cum in me, and a minute later he stopped pumping and pulled out and I thought he just came on my floor. I rolled over happy as fuck but then felt cum dribble out of my pussy. I asked him if he came inside me and when he said yes I freaked. I found out that he's deaf in one ear and the side I said don't cum in me too was his deaf side. He never heard me. He got me pregnant. After months of panic I told my husband I was pregnant and he was thrilled. He loves our son and has no idea what happened and I'm never telling him. If it ever comes out I hope to god it's long after I'm gone.

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    My experience has shown me most guys wonât pull out if they know better. When in the moment I donât want them to pull out either.
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    Dumb slut! You desevere everything bad coming to you. Especially when they both find out. And they will someday.
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    #2 you deserved your girlfriend cheating on you. You are impotent and annoying man c**t.
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    Nice one don't complain your c**t loved the load.

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