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    Straight Female / 29

    My husband thinks I attend the gym four times a week to keep my ultra fit body looking good. I do actually drive to the gym, but these past two months my way of keeping fit, is to join two very athletic and horny nineteen year olds at a motel and have my brains fucked out. We met at the gym and I soon noticed them eyeing me up. One thing lead to another and before I knew it, I was in their car sucking both boys off. My husband has a reasonable sized cock, but those boys have larger manhood's and last so so much longer. After that first time sucking them to completion in the car, I've had them fuck my mouth pussy and asshole at the motel, and boy do they know how to fuck me senseless every time.

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    Too funny..I've been on the receiving end of this. My FWB, "Meliss" (name change) hates being home with her idiot husband, and makes up various excuses to be gone for hours and fuck me. The gym is a common one, since her body is five kinds of perfect, anything with her car, or, pulling more hours at the nursing home where she works. She met me at my usual sports bar a few weeks ago, and came in looking more than her usual fantastic; All done up, tight jeans in the leather boots, long nails done, and looking like a fashion plate.

    Give me a hug and nice kiss, and sat down, her right hand on my leg. "I'm at the gym, by the way..Don't I look good?" she laughed, referring to what she told him. We had an appetizer and two drinks, then back to my house for an evening of intense fucking and pleasuring one another. And the guy knows nothing.

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