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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Lesbian Female / 36

    I have an older cousin, female. She is a butch lesbian. She is four years older than me. When I was in Jr High she would have me invite a girl over to my house so she could look at her. She would stare at her boobs or her crotch and freak them out. She would tell me to tell them that is what happened when they grew up, they were going to be wanted and that she wouldn't be staring if she didn't want them.

    I had one friend. I will call her Olivia. I was fourteen, she was thirteen. She wasn't from my school, she was a new girl I met in girl scouts. Olivia was a pretty girl, small but she already had a butt and little tits. The moment I saw her I knew my cousin would want this girl.

    I invited her to my house to work on a girl scout project. My cousin came over and I was right. She locked eyes on her and surveyed her up and down, and since she had a skirt on, she looked at her legs. She told me she wanted her panties. To tell her to take her panties off and give them to her. She didn't want to but I assured her that it was the only way, she wanted her panties and she had to give them to her.

    I got her skirt up and started pulling down her panties, she had these really soft pubes. I ran my hand through her pubes and told her my cousin was really going to like that. She didn't like girls with hairy dark pubes. This is what she liked and she had to show her. I got her panties off, and we went back to the kitchen and she told me that she had to give her her panties. And that she had to lift her skirt to prove that those were her panties.

    She was hesitant to reach out and give her her panties but she did. My cousin told me to lift the skirt. I got behind her and lifted up her skirt until her naked pussy was showing. I kept her skirt over her pussy and asked my cousin if she liked this kind of pussy. She came over and while I was holding her she touched her pussy and then got a finger in her. I sat down with her on my lap and told her to open her legs for her. She had to show her pussy. She opened her legs and I ran my hand up and down her pussy, I fingered her myself and kissed her cheek.

    My cousin saw me and he told me I could have her for myself. There was a lot of pussy in the world, but she could tell that this was one girl I liked. I took her back to the den and sat down with her on the couch and felt her up and kissed her. I told her I wanted to go down on her. As I got into her pussy she opened her legs wider and then held them tight around my ears as I ate her. She let me feel her tits and kiss her. I told her she was going to be my girlfriend.

    She never refused being my girlfriend. She did pretty much anything I asked her to do. We were so tight all the way through high school. My cousin always told me that she had given her up to me. I don't think she could have nailed her, she would never have agreed to be my cousin's girlfriend.

    We are in our mid thirties now, and she is still pretty, but she is not as soft and nice as she was when we were young. She took up yoga and she is into physical culture now. She has developed a mind of her own, we are more competitors now, and although she does in the end bend and agree with me. One thing I know for sure, she was never going to be my cousin's girlfriend.

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