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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 46

    This happened about 30 years ago when I was 16 years old and something I would not forget.

    I had just gotten my drivers license and was really excited and wanted to drive as much as I could to show off to my friends. Well my mother doesn't like driving too far distances so I got suckered into driving her to the home of a couple she knew. They lived about 3.5 hours away and we would be staying over the weekend. I wasn't too excited about staying over the weekend but I had no option to do so. We get there and they had a very nice home with a swimming pool out back. We spent most of the day out by the pool which began to make the weekend become a lot more interesting. We didn't know they had a pool so they loaned us swimsuits. I was given swim trunks and my mother a 2 piece swimsuit. The woman wore a 2 piece suit as well and the man a speedo. The 3 of them had wine, which I wasn't allowed to have any of, so all I did is sit by the pool bored with them as they talked. My mother doesn't drink much and with the hot sun and wine she seemed to be getting a little tipsy, which was fun to watch. I saw my mother adjusting her top quite a bit and then without warning she removed it. That was a surprise because she would never ever do something like that and I think it had a lot to do with the wine. Shortly afterwards the woman did the same.

    There I was a 16 year old boy seeing 2 topless women. Right after the woman's top was off, off came her bottoms. For a teen boy that was quite a site to see. Her husband made no comment about her being naked so it appeared he didn't mind. My mother was drinking wine faster than the other 2 and was getting a little drunk. The woman tells my mother her bottoms didn't need to stay on. With no hesitation my mother just pulled them off and in a drunken slur yells out "My pussy's naked to the world." I think she was a lot more drunk than I realized. She was laughing and not sitting very lady like with her legs open and exposing her pussy. I didn't know what to think about her state as I had never seen her like this before. The woman tells me my mother appears to have had too much to drink but everyone needs to let loose every now and then and for us to just let her have her fun. I was finding this whole thing amusing and entertaining and it was definitely getting rid of my boredom. My mother starts making comments about being nude and some of the language really surprised me. Some of the things she said were: "God, it feels good to have my c**t out for air". "My c**t is so wet". She also began to look down at her c**t and slipped a finger in saying "One". Two fingers went in and she said "Two". Three fingers went in and she said "Three". That's all that she tried putting in. I see the husband enjoying what he was seeing as I was but the woman seemed a little worried. She tells me my mother will be embarrassed by everything she is doing now so I better not mention anything about what I have seen or will see to anyone. She tells me she should have had me leave when she started doing what she was doing but she thinks she can trust me.

    I noticed my mother was grabbing the bottle of wine and filling up her glass and drinking more. The woman asks me to give her a hug. I thought she meant my mother but she meant herself. I give her a quick hug but she said she wanted a good long hug. I gave her another hug and this time it was a lot longer and as she was hugging me I feel her pulling my swim trunks down. When I asked what she was doing she told me her and my mother were naked and it was my turn. Now I was naked and I turned to see her husband naked too now. She grabbed and hugged me harder now and I saw what looked like my mother handling his junk. I see my mother lay back on the lounge chair with legs open and using her finger to tell him to come in. I then see him slip his cock into her and my mother moan. The woman tells me not everyone gets to see their mother do this and asks if I want to watch or leave. I stayed and watched. I asked why she is letting her husband do that to another woman. She said it was to make things interesting and I would understand when I was older. Seeing my mother orgasm was an awesome site but I knew she would be way too embarrassed knowing I watched this so I knew I couldn't tell anyone everything I had seen.

    The next day my mother wakes up with a very bad headache and says she had way too much to drink and says she can't remember a thing from last night. She then says she hopes she didn't do anything to embarrass herself. We all said she just fell asleep. She said she was glad all she did was fall asleep on us.

    It was hard not thinking about everything that happened and how I couldn't tell anyone or her about it.

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    I was waiting to read that the woman let you fuck her!
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    try again dip shit women don't call their pussy a c**t!

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