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    Straight Female / 39

    My husband has a best friend that I had an affair with. He was very good looking, clean in habits and treated ladies with respect. My husband needs to learn from him. His package was made for pleasing a woman, he is just right. We knew him and his wife before any of us got married. I had the hots for him for years and found out he had same feelings for me. We started our affair on a Saturday that my husband was working. I turned to much on in one side of the house and something happened to the electric box. I called my husband at work and I didn’t understand what to do. In about 15 minutes his friend showed up to help. My husband had called him and asked him to come over and show me what to do. He got the power back on. I was thanking him when he put his hands on my shoulder and said he would help me anytime. Why I don’t know but I pulled his hands to my breast. He squeezed me while I squeezed his package for a few moments. He stopped and I took him into the bedroom. I took my clothes off except my bra and panties. We felt each other some more the we got undressed. I didn’t get pregnate but I didn’t tell him I wasn’t on birth control. I lay on my back and had sex with my second man to have sex with. We finished and I was full of cum. We talked about we always wanted to screw each other. We used condoms during sex after that day except when I was in a safe time or pregnant from my husband. We slowed down after we each started having children and only get the opportunity about once a month now. My tubes are tide so we have hard sex when we do. I love the feel of this man cumming inside of me.

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    But you stay with your husband because you're too fucking lazy to work, right?
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    He must be decent. I would have put a baby in you

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