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    Straight Female / 33

    I am a 33 year old single, never married, accounting manager for a very large corporation. I made friends with a woman my age, married for ten years with a kid. In time I told her I had never really had sex. Never past a goodnight air kiss. She told me she had never been with a man other than her husband, married because of her pregnancy from a party sex encounter. She told me he married her to shut her up. She also told me that he continued to party with other women.

    I didn't know whether to feel bad for myself or for her. To her sex was obligatory, many times after he has sex with another woman. I learned that she was introduced to a girl he brought home. After all his escapades, she was friends with one of his girlfriends, his coworker, 26, single, half Hispanic like her. They supported each other, putting up with him. The two women kept each other company, went out together, they provided each other with the human touch they needed. And they both regularly had sex with her husband.

    To me, alone, I did not even have a friend, some one to go out with, some one to be with, to talk, to share my life, her life was odd but she was never alone. I did not have a child. No one came for me at night, or midafternoon. She was fortunate, she had a child, a deep hearted relationship with her friend, her husband's lover yes, but her soul mate. And she had a husband who came for her.

    I never could become her friend, not like her other friend. They were each other's. She was just my work friend. Nice, she cared, she listened, but when she went home, she went to her child, her soul mate, and her husband. Three people loved her, no one loved me.

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    One should not kid oneself either. Being the man in not a identical, however a similar scenario, I can fully identify with the account this dame presents. To that point, there exist many more of these man dominant, loving triangles.
    I don't consider myself lucky due to me dear departed father teaching me a man makes his own luck, which I adhered to. I knew to exercise patience in finding the RIGHT woman to marry ; certainly not too American due to their inherent disrespect for the superior gender. A man should rightfully have a spouse dependent on him by tradition.

    From there, one merely exercises thoughtful, clever manipulation. Seducing the third party is easy in comparison, IF let's just say, one has adequate practice.

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