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    Straight Male / 52

    I have never told anyone this before
    When I was in highschool, three of us guys always hung out on the weekends and drank beers.
    Well one of my friends ended up getting a girlfriend named Virginia and wasn’t always free to hang out anymnore. When I met her, she was the hottest girl I had ever seen. I used to jerk off thinking of her and what I would do to her but it was only a fantasy, she wasn’t interested in me.
    One weekend my parents were away so I had my 2 friends come over and Virginia came too. I couldn’t believe this girl was in my house. I was rock hard just thinking of what I would be doing to her.
    The three of were drinking beer all night but she only drank iced tea.
    The more I drank, the more I couldn’t stop thinking about doing things to her but knew it would never be. Everytime I made her a glass of iced tea, I wished I could have her.
    At some point, I guess the beers took over, I was going to have her taste me.
    When she asked for an iced tea, I put in the mix and instead of water, I filled the glass with piss. I added ice and handed her the glass. I was shaking knowing that she would notice and go ballistic and I had no idea what I was going to say or do.
    I sat there and watched her drink the glass and say that is actually very good and asked for another one. My cock got rock hard, I thought I couldn’t do this again to her could I?? So I went to the kitchen, made another one, again with piss instead of water and was so horny at this point, this time I jerked off in the glass as well stirred it good to make sure see didn’t notice anything.
    I watched her drink the tea and she never noticed anything. I made her two more iced teas with piss and cum.
    In all, I saw her drink 4 teas made of piss and three I came in. My cock was so hard for days thinking of this hot chick drinking my juices and not knowing it.

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