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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 33

    My father has been a lifelong park ranger. In my teen years we lived in high country and went to this school that served a huge geographic area. The bus ride to and from school was over an hour. There were never more than eight or ten kids on the bus. I was twelve, going on who knows how much, and he was seventeen, an Eagle Scout, a senior, Mr. everybody wants to date. He would sit in the back seat and he had me sit beside him by the window, every day.

    He had his hands on me, his arm around me, he put my hand on him to keep 'it' warm. He lifted his jacket over our heads and kissed me. I was marked as his girlfriend, even though I was in the sixth grade and he was a senior.

    One day he was really kissing me and in the middle of the kiss he looked at me and told me that we were going to get married and not to forget it. He told me he had been accepted at the Colorado School of Mines and that meant he was going away to college. He wanted me to agree to marry him, to tell him that I was going to be his wife.

    After I agreed he hugged me so tight I couldn't breathe. He came to my house that night and wanted to speak to my parents and tell them that we were engaged. He was all boy scout, and my dad was an Eagle Scout and ex military and park ranger and stuff and how could I do better than an Eagle Scout and a graduate from the Colorado School of Mines. My mother thought different.

    After he left she took me back to my room and had a talk with me, a pretty dirty, fact filled, talk about getting fucked when you are young, about how guys preyed on girls, on how once you started fucking you never stopped. She wanted my word that I had not fucked. I told her we kissed on the bus, and yeah he had felt me up pretty good, but he had not fucked me. My mother must have used the word fuck twenty times. There was no sugar coating, it was a hard DO NOT FUCK talk.

    But we fucked the week before he went to college. I did not tell my mother. But she was right, once you fuck, you can't stop. I was smart enough to know about getting pregnant, that much had gotten through to me on that night after he told my parents we were getting married. I made him use condoms, which he hated, and a lot of times we started without one, and then I would put one on him so he could finish. I got pretty good at sliding a condom on him, especially because he was always nice and slippery and the condoms just slipped on. It is just that we had to wait until he was home and then we had to make up for lost time and get a bank of fuck in before he left to last us until he came back.

    Oh, he married me alright, after he finished college and before I went to college. After we got married I threw away every condom I had and let him fuck me pregnant. The baby was a 'surprise', that the baby came so soon after we got married. I was just so pent up with getting pregnant. I had spent almost five years fucking not to get pregnant, that when I could just go ahead and get pregnant I did. I remember telling my mother that I just wanted to get pregnant so bad. She said she didn't understand, I was too young for that.

    A lot of people today are surprised when I tell them that I was engaged for five years, but I was. I don't go into the math, let them figure it out. After all I was married and a mother before I turned 19.

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