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    Straight Male / 42

    There I am in my office with my cock buried deep up my secretary's arsehole. She's totally naked barring her high heeled shoes, stockings and suspenders, and I'm just wearing my shirt which is open. She's leaning over my desk and I'm almost ready to cum up her tight hole, something I've done many many times since she began working for me eleven months ago.
    With a really big thrust up her arse, she moans loudly and my office door fly's open. I turn around to see her husband stood in the doorway.
    The thing is, it's too late and I'm cumming so hard, unloading my full ball sac up her bum.
    Embarrassed, and thinking to myself "Oh shit, he's fucking huge and annoyed". I actually heard and couldn't believe my ears, or luck. "Hey honey, I'll wait outside, ave to keep the boss happy, eh".
    Pulling out of his wife's arsehole, she turned to me and said "Don't mind Tim, he knows you've been fucking me. I get him to tongue me out at home afterwards, sometimes".
    Tim, it turns out is a gentle giant, and what's more, a total cuckold to his wife. Who the fuck knew.
    It could have turned out nasty. Instead I've begun to fuck my secretary more often, and occasionally these past couple of months, at their home when Tim's off driving his truck somewhere in Europe.

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    This posting would have been more appropriate on "Dreams and wishes."

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