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    Straight Male / 55

    The seventies, when I was in college, were pretty wild. Vietnam had ended, the girls were into liberation, girls on campus without bras, mariguana was a thing. I got to campus later in life, I was 24. In my freshman Chemistry class I met this girl, Wanda. She was kind of hippie, but not really. She was pretty and she had a nice chest. I was pretty direct with her and told her that I had been away and what I needed was to get with an American girl and get it all out of my system.

    She fucked like a bunny. Nothing I tried was off base. It was hard for me to believe that she had given her virginity to me and here she was on all fours getting doggie fucked.

    One night, it was pretty late, we had been fucking all night. We were out on the couch, naked as we could be, and she lifted a Hustler magazine off the coffee table and started asking me what I liked. What kind of tits I liked, what kind of ass I liked, she sat on my lap with her tits in my face and asked me if I liked her tits. She found a picture of two naked girls, we talked about them and she asked me if they were lesbian or something. I said no, they weren't lesbian, it is just that sometimes two girls get together to really make the guy happy.

    It wasn't long after that when she told me that she had talked to her friend Marissa. They wanted to give me a birthday present, two girls for my 25th birthday. Marissa was pretty much where Wanda was when I first met her. Virgin, small town, happy to be in college. I fucked her gently the first time. On her hands and knees. I gave her some time to get used to sucking cock. I asked her and Wanda to make out, just kiss and stuff, I wanted to see their tits together. It was my birthday, so go ahead and kiss for me.

    I put them both down, side by side, and got on Wanda and got her fucked, got off Wanda and got on Marissa and finished fucking her. We slept together and they fixed breakfast for me the next day.

    Wanda and Marissa didn't stop there, it wasn't a one time thing for my birthday. They liked getting together and they liked being naked together. They liked to sit naked on my bed and look at Hustler magazines. They would kiss for me, if I asked, and in the heat of sex, they would get down on one another while they got fucked.

    I liked watching them kiss. To sit beside each other and kiss on their mouths. They knew I liked it and would kiss for me almost without any suggestion on my part. They liked breast play as foreplay, and they liked oral sessions, the longer we were together the more comfortable they got with having sex together. However, they never had sex if it was just the two of them. This was something they only did when we were all together.

    College life turned out to be an easy ride for me and I graduated without any problems, and they followed right along. After some time, sex became a one on one with either of them, they had outgrown the weird stuff, good memories, but they wanted one on one sex, mommy daddy sex. Make mommy happy. That is the problem with growing up, life happens, kids get in the way, from one bedroom to two bedrooms, from hippie chicks to neighborhood moms, the only thing left is some late night kidding of how it used to be.

    A hard life I know, but damn, it all started way back in the seventies, when they walked around without bras and their tits just called to you as they walked. I remember that, I remember her with those wonderful tits under that hippie shirt of hers. I see them and I remember how they used to kiss. I guess they still kiss when they look at each other, there is a softness their, that can only come from a lifetime of living together.

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