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    Straight Male / 44

    My wife right now is sat downstairs eating yet another piece of pie, that's after she's just had a huge slab of cake. She's sat on her favorite sofa, probably watching her favorite tv shows, putting on a few more pounds. Since we married three years ago she's put on more than seventy pounds and no longer attracts me sexually.
    However Lauren her daughter, my eighteen year old step daughter, is slim, attractive and actively seeks out my cock. We've not long finished having sex in the bathroom, where Lauren sucked on my cock, then had me fuck her pussy and asshole until she came twice. I know Lauren wouldn't normally go for guy like me, but then she saw my cock one afternoon and decided I guess, it was for her. There isn't a day that goes by where I'm not licking her pussy, or she's emptying my balls by sucking me off. But I love it best like today when her moms crashed out, pigging herself and I'm fucking her beautiful daughter.
    Lucky bastard I know, but someone's got to fuck Lauren I suppose.
    Yee fucking Haaa!!!

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    Your wife knows. That's why she overeats.
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    You Need To Fuck Your Wife Too. Get Your sexual relationship back and I bet she starts to try to change and loose weight. Maybe she is even open to the 3 of you enjoying caressing and sucking and fucking together. Maybe it is worth a try, she is human and has feelings and she probably knows and maybe that is why she is where she is... FUCK HER AT LEAST ONCE EVERY DAY !!! Let us know how you make out.. Please she has feelings too.


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