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    Straight Male / 20

    This past summer I went on a weekend camping trip with a neighbor. He was in his late 30's and always talked about how when he went camping he always went to more remote areas and really roughed it. He invited me along and did emphasize it was going to be a lot of hiking with having to travel across some very rough terrain. He also mentioned we had to pack really light because we would need to carry in everything we needed. I was up for the task and we must have drove for a few hours before we got to one spot and then from there we got out and hiked for about 3 hours before we got to the site we would be camping at. The area was flat and in an open area and close to a small lake. We set up our tent and afterwards he said he was hot and sweaty and needed to go for a swim. He begins to strip down and there he is naked suggesting I join him. Being hot and sweaty too I did. After our swim I was going to get dressed again and he pointed out there was no one around and it was pointless being dressed as we would just be getting our clothes sweaty. The 2 of us just remained naked and had our dinner and went to sleep. In the morning we woke up and went to the lake to bathe. There he and I were soaping up when he came up behind me and told me he would soap my back. It was a felt a little weird but I let him. With him still standing behind me his arms wrapped around me and he began soaping my chest. He then had his hands on my ass and soaping it too. I am not gay but instead of being repulsed by being touched all over by him it was feeling rather good. I now feel his hands around my cock. He was escalating things now and the way I was feeling I didn't mind. He began stroking me and as he continued I soon was cumming. Once I was done he told me it was his turn. I went to grab his cock to return the favor but he stopped me. He told me he wanted me to use my mouth. I know I quickly paused to think about what he was asking and for some reason I did as he asked. There I was with a cock in my mouth for the first time ever not really knowing what I was doing and I told him it was my first one. He told me I had the whole weekend to practice and get some experience. I never thought about whether I was gay or not but I really liked what he did to me as well as what I did to him.

    We remained naked the whole weekend and there was a lot of sex between us. I must have sucked him off a dozen times that weekend. After we packed up to go home we hiked naked for most of our hike back. During that hike we had stopped a few times for some more sex. Also during that hike we were caught by a couple of other hikers right in the middle of his cock in my mouth. It was two women in there late 50's who seemed more excited about seeing 2 naked guys doing what we were doing than to be offended by what they saw us do. We literally talked to them naked with no attempt to cover up. The women definitely didn't mind us naked and seemed to be trying to justify to us on how it was no problem and it sounded so cheesy coming from them. They told us it was pretty rare coming across other hikers around here and it was nice that we could become so free with our bodies and nature. They also said being in nature can bring out the basic animal in people and it was nice that we could be so exposed and be so sexual with each other in such a natural setting no matter if it is with another man or woman. They asked if we were now going to switch or had we already done that earlier referring to whether my cock was going to be sucked now. My neighbor said we were but asked if they would be offended if we did. The women of course said they wouldn't be offended and, in there usual cheesy way, said it would be such a site to witness people doing natural acts in a natural environment. My neighbor began sucking my cock and the women stayed and watched. They stayed and talked with us for a little while afterwards before we told them we had to go.

    After we left them my neighbor said those 2 old ladies probably saw more cock and action in the last hour than they probably did in the last 20 years. As we approached where we left the car we got dressed, loaded the car and began driving home. It was getting late and dark out. My neighbor pulls the car over and suggests we get naked and drive home that way. We did and put our clothes in the trunk. It was an hour later when he says he needs to go pee and pulls the car over to use a tree. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is us driving again but he is clothed with me still naked. I asked about getting dressed too and he said he would pull over so I could get my clothes from the trunk. He pulls over and I get out to go to the trunk. As I get there the trunk wont open and he says that is funny. He then says what also is funny is this and drives about 100 feet away. I quickly go running for him and he drives further away. There I am naked with him having his fun by pulling away every time I got near the car. I realized I wasn't going to play his game so I stopped running after the car. His way of dealing with this was just to drive away. I see the car lights in the distance getting further away until they disappeared. I am on the road naked with luckily no other cars coming by. I now see headlights coming my way and there is more than one set of them. I quickly jumped behind a tree to hide. They went past and I see one more car who is my neighbor. He slows down with his window open and says he is such an ass. He then tells me there is a shopping mall about a half mile down the road. He said if I wanted a ride home to meet him there in front of the food store but I only had 15 minutes to get there which would make it 11:00pm and once again he drove off. Not leaving me much option but to go there I begin running down the road. The road I was on was rather quiet and dark but once I got closer to the shopping mall it was very well lit and I could see my neighbor's car in front of the food store which was almost at the other end at the mall. There was a billboard at the mall that showed the time and it was 10:57pm. I had 3 minutes to get to the car and I knew he would drive away on me if I didn't. I ran across the parking lot naked and was easily seen by a dozen cars with people in them and when I got to his car some customers exiting the food store saw me. He didn't unlock the car door at first so they got more than just a quick look. I didn't mind being seen on the hike but here was closer to home. He thought it was funny as hell and I told him it was easy for him to say since it wasn't him naked. He pulls the car over, turns off the engine and steps out. He then starts undressing and casually walks naked to the food store. If he left the car key I would have drove away on him but he had it. He comes back and we drive home naked. We pulled into his driveway around 12:30am and we stepped out of the car to unload all the stuff. We did this naked and being tired and not caring anymore I grabbed my stuff and just walked the 8 houses away to my home.

    In a weird way it was a very eye opening and fun weekend. I discovered I was bi and I had myself exposed including having done a sexual act in front of others. At the time I was in terror with some of what happened but looking back it was very fun and even arousing. I doubt I will ever have the opportunity to repeat some of the things but it would make for more fun.

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    The writer of this starts well, but quickly becomes unravelled into madness.

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