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    Straight Male / 54

    I post her on AC now and then.
    I have been on and off for several years.
    Some of the stories, when it is clear that they're true, sometimes turn me on quite a bit.
    Doesn't happen that often because I am older.
    Then that changed.

    Some general info first....
    and please bear with me... not trying to bore or insult anyone's intelligence...

    All guys masturbate when they're teens.
    Most do now and then the rest of their lives, whether they're getting regular pussy or not.
    Fantasy is a good and healthy thing.
    Whacking off is good for older guys just to be sure that the prostate is functioning properly, the tubes aren't clogged, and just to make sure you're not phukking dead and somehow didn't know it.

    Teenaged guys of course whack off a lot more and often after having to hurry into a restroom or private place because something sexual has aroused them so much they have to relieve themselves right then.

    I am 3-times divorced and live alone.
    I don't get much pussy anymore. That sucks.

    Now as guys age, that need to stop and rush into the restroom stops.
    Being an older guy, as I said, I had downshifted into basic maintenance mode.

    but I also had suffered two mini-strokes several years ago that somehow affected my cock.
    For the first time in my life getting hard took some work.
    Ok, I told myself. Don't panic. Play the cards you've been dealt. At least you can still get hard.

    Then it happened.
    I was surfing posts here on AC when I read the post of a young woman.
    She was exploring her sexuality and doing naughty things she had not done before.
    Ok.. yeah...yeah... read planty of those posts before...

    But as I read her post I found myself getting more and more aroused.
    She clearly wasn't some airhead fucking.
    Not that I've anything against fucking airhead girls. They're super.

    But she was actually writing English properly, putting her thoughts into regular sentences and forming paragraphs and describing her actions in a clear, concise, and alluring way.
    It was like a breath of fresh air.

    What's more, she was doing it with an attitude of complete openness.
    She had been stripped and gang fucked by 5 or 6 guys.
    She had wanted to be stripped and particularly enjoyed being nude and paraded around before them all.
    She fucked each of them, taking many pussy loads, then had given each blow jobs until they came in her mouth, then fucked each of them again until they came again in her pussy.

    She described all of it, liked all of it thoroughly, and wanted to do it again as soon as she could.
    She had handled a gangbang like a seasoned porn star and didn't even know it.
    She had an attitude that was not snotty, coquettish, or trashy.
    She just liked to fuck a lot, wasn't afraid to fuck a bunch of guys in a gangbang, and had an overall attitude that was genuinely positive, caring, and adaptive, but not immature or faux-innocent.
    She asked for comments, for input because she really wanted to know.

    Her post just blew my mind.
    All of sudden, I'm 16 again, my dick is rock hard, and I can't even finish her post because I have to go in the bathroom and pull my cock until I cum.
    I couldn't believe that.
    Hey, maybe I'm not half dead like I thought.

    We traded emails and she is as the impression she gave, open, honest, genuinely exploring her desires.
    I have been able to offer input from my own experiences, a lot of which she has responded to positively.
    And the affect on me had been continuously good.
    She likes to tell me whenever she fucks a guy, describing what she did, if I have any suggestions, or maybe she implemented something I'd suggested and liked it.
    Re-counting her sexual escapades to me makes her very wet.

    After one story of her seducing a guy and then fucking him until he came in her, so got so horny she had rush over to where a friend of hers was staying and fuck him in a side room.
    When she told me that was when I told her that story had made me rush into the bathroom again like her original post.

    Maybe all of this sounds ridiculous.
    But I'm an older guy and this young woman has genuinely helped me get a little bit of my old mojo back.
    She likes having someone she can tell naughty secrets to, ask for direction or advice, feel like she can trust, and give her more ideas about sex.

    I would love to fuck her but I live half a world away and I have no money to spare.
    So it is what it is right now and that's fine by me.

    No matter what age you are, naughty girls make the damn world go round.

    It makes her wet re-telling

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    Oh woww that sounds amazing, sounds like you're living the dream at least online. Do you openly tell her how her confessions affect you - shes okay with that ?
    How many gang bangs has she done, sounds like a classy kind of slut

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