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    Gay Male / 27

    This was back then, when you don't know what you're doing. I was hitchhiking and was eating at the diner at this truck stop and this man sat beside me. He wasn't a trucker, he had suit pants and a dress shirt and he told me he was driving to Oklahoma City. I told him I was heading west myself, I was trying to get out to Colorado to meet up with one my high school buddies. He bought me lunch and said I didn't need to be paying for it because he could put it on his expense report and the company could pay for it. He offered me a ride, at least to Oklahoma City.

    We left Nashville and drove west. As we approached Memphis he asked me if it was OK for us to stop in Memphis, he was tired and felt there really wasn't a good place to stop before sundown. He rented a room at a Holiday Inn, with two beds, and told me I could stay with him and not spend my money. He treated me to dinner, again the expense account excuse.

    Back in the room we found a movie we both could watch, and he stripped down to his shorts and undershirt and laid out on the bed. I had kicked off my shoes but was still dressed. As matter of fact as you could be, he said "don't you want to come over here and suck my dick?". Well you are 19 years old and this forty something man is asking you to suck his dick. I told him I wasn't queer. He said he wasn't either, but that didn't mean I couldn't come over and suck his dick.

    After a minute he said "well maybe I can suck your dick first?" He went on, he said he spent 70 percent of his time on the road, after a while you just got tired fucking waitresses who wanted to get out of town. And one time in Dallas, this guy put his hand on his thigh and told him he could do better than the cocktail waitress, and that was that. He found out that sucking a man off was just about as good as fucking a waitress and there was no leftover shit to deal with. So "if I wanted he would suck my dick".

    He stood up and dropped his shorts and took off his undershirt. There, now didn't his dick look like something I wanted to suck. "Take your clothes off, let's get naked and suck each other off". He came over and got on the bed and leaned over and said "let me kiss you" and he kissed me on the mouth. He was heavy and he was strong and he kissed me again and he said he was going to keep kissing me until I got hard and then he was going to suck my dick and then I was going to suck his dick, and he kissed me again, this time with his hand on my pants grabbing at me.

    He stopped for a moment and told me to undo my pants and get them off, he wanted to feel my dick in his hand. I could fell his hard dick against my leg, I fumbled with my pants but got it done and pushed my pants down and he grabbed my naked dick in his hand and told me he was going to suck it. He bent down and put my dick in his mouth and started to suck it and to run his tongue all over it, to stroke my dick with his hand. I lay there until he told me get my pants off, he wanted me naked.

    He stood up and I finished getting my clothes off, he took the cover off the bed so only the sheet was there and he got between my legs and started to suck me for real. He played and stroked my dick, he got on his side and told me to suck his dick and he would suck my dick. To just grab his dick in my hand and suck him and stroke him. We must have been sucking for a while, the movie credits were running, and he wanted to kiss again.

    He got on his back and told me to get on him, he wanted to feel my dick pumping up against his ass. Using his hand he positioned my dick against his asshole and told me to get on with it. He had his legs up but I couldn't get in and he told me to focus and shove it in. He wanted to feel the pain, to just fuck him, that there wasn't a pussy anywhere tighter than an asshole. I said OK and I got my dick in his ass and shove it in. I never had a girl keep asking for more, but he asked for more, to just keep fucking him. After a few minutes I dropped my load in him and pulled out. He bled a little on the sheets and my dick was full of shit.

    When I cleaned up in the bathroom and came out he was lying there on my bed, spread out telling me that it wasn't enough, that he wanted another fucking. I had lost my appetite by then, I got dressed and left the room and went out to the feeder road and started hitchhiking again.

    I do suck cock now and again, well more than just now and again. Sometimes I get the urge to fuck the guy, sometimes I get the urge to get fucked. I guess that makes me go both ways. I can't make up my mind. I live in that part of town where coming up with someone who needs a blow job isn't that difficult. Some of the big shots from up town come around in their big cars, some of them come for a blow job, other to give blow jobs, some to fuck and some to get fucked. And some to spend the night with. With them you can make more money.

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