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    Gay Male / 23

    In my town growing up there was one movie theatre. The rumor was that the owner liked high school boys. I got a job there that summer and I found out that the owner liked high school boys. Where you went to be liked was the projection room. Sometimes you watched the movie from the little window while he showed you how much he liked you. Sometimes you got on the floor in his office and showed him how much you liked him. Extracurricular is what he called it, extracurricular activities. Best summer job ever.

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    One of my fondest memories as a boy was getting fuckd by an older boy, my crush and two of his friends up in the balcony of our local movie theater.

    Mom questioned the abundance of theater candy, Sugar Babies, JuJuBees and even a mostly eaten Slow Poke she found stuck to my tighty-whitie underpants when I came home from the movies. She knew that her cutie of a boy's bottom had been used by the boys that took me to the show. She had a talk with the neighbor boy and cautioned him about protection, lol. She later told me that boy's experimenting with other boys was pretty normal and to be careful.

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