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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    Once we had this school retreat and of course there were dorms for boys and girls separately. The boys' dorm was just one big room with a couple of double deck beds that were aligned in 2 columns. Most of the guys decided to sleep on the top bunks and I was one of those. When it was time for bed, my hot straight friend had gum on his bed which got on his shorts. He got kind of pissed and removed his shorts and was looking for somewhere else to sleep. There were a lot of vacant beds but he asked if we could share mine. The beds were small and were enough for just one person so we were cramped. Later that night I felt horny and couldn't sleep then lust took control of me and I slowly touched my friend's dick over his shorts. To my surprise he has a boner while sleeping! And it was really hard. I slowly tried to get my hands inside his boxers and felt his pubes and his dick which was big then he stirred in his sleep so I quickly removed my hand. After waiting if he would wake up, I tried touching his dick again and just jack off while my hand was over his boner. Damn I wish I had the balls to just suck his dick right there and then!

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    On my high school band trip I lost my virginity with the guy I was rooming with. We didnât want to be virgins forever so we decided to just bang one out to see what it was like. Damn we both had sore asses after we put our dicks in each otherâs buttholes! We both were laying in bed at night in our briefs after having sex saying we think sex is supposed to me more enjoyable. Walking around the next day with a sore butt was fun and cum in our butts. Two nights later we tried it again using some of the conditioner out of the shower for lube. That time anal felt amazing. While my friend was in my butt humping away one of the parents on the trip came knocking at our door. We said give us a minute. I put my briefs on and sat on my bed. My friend put a shirt and shorts on a d let him in. He was just checking to make sure everything was fine in our room. Guess he thought he heard some nosies. The bed may have been a bit squeaky lol. Once he left we finished having sex. Friend came in my butt and we went to sleep for the night.

    Judging by how I was dressed on the bed and conditioner was on the night stand Iâm certain he figured we were doing some sexual. I was trying to hide my boner in my briefs but thatâs hard to do. Iâm 25 now and Iâm bisexual. I bottom for a older guy regularly
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    #1- I also bottom for older guys pretty regularly. My youthful indescretions, bottoms-up with other boys were excitingly beautiful experiences. My ass was firmly fresh when I actually seduced an older man. Still a kid in tighty-whitie cuteness my friend's gay great uncle couldn't resist my wide eyed innocence in white cotton underpants. I was like an irresistible piece of candy and he just had to sneak a taste.
    I snuck playfully in and out of his bed clothes as he snuck in and out of my boypanties, lol. This went on throughout my early teens at sleepovers and nobody knew.
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    #2 - Here you are again - "tightywhities" "candy" (you forgot to say "boycandy this time), "boypanties". All BS.

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