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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Since beginning the business I've fucked or been fucked by over fifty different men, and four women. Some are younger, some are around my age, but most are older single or divorced men. Although I do get some still married men who hire me in secret.
    My business is cleaning their homes naked. A business a friend of mine at the gym I attend daily, told me I should try given my body and cock size.
    My first client was a guy who booked me through some fliers I'd had printed, then delivered. I didn't specifically target men or gay oriented living area's, but I was given a heads up by the same friend, that gay men and men in general would pay more to have their homes cleaned, especially if they weren't married.
    The first man/client I had sex with (I'd cleaned four places, one a womans house, before having any form of sex), began stroking himself semi naked almost straight away. And I have to say here right now, I wasn't at first turned on at all. Only when he began to finger fuck himself, tossing off his small cock as I vacuumed his flat, did I become erect myself. He's the same age as me and had obviously worked out himself, but not as avidly as myself. My cock was throbbing by the time I put the vacuum away and began to clean the surfaces. His cheeky smile and his "Come and fuck me" wink, plus seeing the condoms and lube he'd placed on the coffee table, all made for me to take a choice in my life.
    I was straight, then. I'd not considered what I'd do if anything like this happened, so it was a surprise to me that I unrolled a condom along my cock, smeared his arsehole with lube after he knelt up on his sofa, and plunged my cock straight up up his wonderful arse. It was a terrific fuck and probably because it was, I resolved to myself if anyone wanted fucking in the future, I'd definitely go for it.
    We ended up in his shower, where I fucked him for a second time. That was after filling the condom deep up his fuckhole as he leaned over the arm of his sofa. Giving me a very good "Tip" and paying me my usual fee, we arranged for me to clean his flat every week.
    For the next few months along with my normal job, I nakedly cleaned lots of flats and houses. Both male and females, but it became where I began to choose to do just the males places, mainly because if I fucked them, they'd pay much more. One exception is a married woman's place I still clean, and get a lot of enjoyment fucking her, as she's a raving nymph who loves me fucking her arsehole. Something her husband simply won't do.
    Being invited to clean an apartment (Posh flat) in the city centre with two gay men present, was my first experience of being fucked myself. I'd already cleaned their place once before and had fucked the younger of the two as his boyfriend watched and wanked. But on the second occasion I was asked if or when I fucked the younger man, would I allow his "Top" to fuck me. I was about to say no to the two architects, when an envelope was given to me. It contained twice as much as they'd given me to clean their place and fuck the younger man before, so I took a second or two and said "Yes".
    It wasn't what I expected. I'd heard lots of descriptions of how painful it could be and how uncomfortable it could get. yet with my cock sliding up his young lovers arsehole in the missionary position and with lots of lube around and up my rear hole, I can honestly say right from the first thrust, it felt utterly amazing.
    I'm not sure if it's because I'd been fucking the younger man for a few minutes, or that I was completely relaxed. What I do know once his cock slid all the way in and he began to fuck me from behind, my cock hardened even more and the feelings going through my body, were the like of which I'd never experienced in my entire sexual life.
    As he pounded me from above and behind, it drove my cock deeper up his lovers arsehole. And we became in essence one tripple fuck event. It was then and still is now, probably the best sex with males I've ever had.
    We fucked like that in that one position until all three of us ahd orgasmed, and what an orgasm I had. It has to be the most thrilling sexual time of my life and I came like my cock was exploding inside of the young architect. Yet feeling another man cum inside me, was a seminal moment. It made me realise quickly, there is a whole lot I didn't know about my own body and my sexual mind too.
    Both of those men I've had sex with individually since, as sometimes one or the other is out the country working. And I have on several occasions fucked the both at the same time.
    Many of my clients are lonely older men who have come to terms with sexuality late in life. I became a realization to a fantasy they've probably always had. And in booking my services, they get to live out those sexual dreams in reality for a brief time. I guess over sixty per cent of the men I've had sex with, have been over fifty years of age. Some enjoy just watching me clean their homes and wank, but most want interaction, either dominant or passive, and now I'm only to glad to give them what they want and need.
    In reflection and with sexual hindsight, I wish I'd have fucked more guys in my younger years, as I've found men to be more receptive to different things sexually. We're more deviant and I like that mix of sexual preference, age and capability too.
    Some have become very good friends and a few are regular fuck partners of mine now. Even if it does cost them to book my charms. The only person who gets my services free though, is the married woman who lives only a street away from my new home. Yet even she occasionally treats me by buying me gifts.
    From M who's nineteen to R who's sixty seven, I will say I enjoy having sex with them all. But I must say, I enjoy fucking the older ones the most.

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    My first lover was my boy/boy crush. Sure I was way too young but his fifteen year old's persistence was too much for my cute young bottom to resist. My deflowering was exciting, and enjoyed by both of us. I was his first fuck also though his sensuousness, both oral and anal had been well exploited by the older and younger gay couple that engorged his teenage attractiveness.

    He shared his man love experience with me physically. I reciprocated like an excited puppy wagging and wiggling my firmly fresh tail of cuteness beneath him. Reluctant but curiosly I tasted his generous amount of boycum, always blushing as he squirted all over my face because I couldn't swallow fast enough.

    He too had to share me with his friends, man lover's enamored with my young boys beauty. My curiosity, a carp like inexperienced mouth about their thick probing cock's. They traveled about my smooth firm flesh, every crevice, mound and suppleness responding. They fuckd me in all entirety. My pouty lip's and boisterously cute bottom dancing beneath and on top of their cock's, it was splendidly good.

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