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    Straight Female / 36

    My name's Kate, I'm thirty six and was completely bored with the sex life my husband and I have. He used to be sexually adventurous, but it seemed as soon as he got a ring on my finger, it all stopped. In June last year I took on a new part time job on my days off, to supplement the full time job I already had, mainly to save up for a new car. The job entailed at first delivering lunch time meals to senior citizens who live in a gated community.
    Some of the men once they'd known me for a while began to hit on me, but mostly in a friendly nothing's going to happen kind of way. However in August last year a new resident moved in and we both I guess found each other attractive. Joe wasn't like the other men, as he never flirted me. Yet his obvious powerful physique and often large cock bulges in his shorts, always had my pussy dripping each and every time I visited him.

    Arriving at his home one early afternoon, I was told his routine had changed and I was to visit his place last on my list. Going back later on I walked in to find Joe semi naked and stroking his cock. I hadn't realized I was to visit the following day instead and just walked in. Joe saw me stood there and didn't bat an eye lid. Instead of covering up, he smiled at me and asked me if I'd like to fuck. He was extremely direct, but then with a cock the size of his, I suppose he could be. It didn't faze me one bit and I told myself it was now or never. Walking over to him, I took hold of his wonderful cock and began to stroke it for him. He in turn reached up and put his right hand under my loose fitting skirt. Moving my panties to one side he slid a finger along my pussy slit and on to my clit. Playing with my love button as I tossed him off, he asked me if I was birth control. My answer to him was "No problem Joe, I can't become pregnant". Literally a minute later I was completely naked, knelt up on the chair he'd been wanking on and I was accepting his huge cock up my pussy from behind.

    To feel his cock slide into my body was awesome. It wasn't just the size of his cock, but his enthusiasm to fuck me that had me climaxing almost immediately. Joe took hold of my hips once I'd calmed down from my orgasm and rammed his dick into me time after time. It was to me right then the very thing myself, my body and my sexual mind needed and boy did that sixty four year old give it to me. I'm not sure now just how long Joe fucked me in that position, but I do know he and his awesome cock drove me to three wonderfully strong orgasms before I decided I wanted to sit on his dick. Placing him on the seat, I straddled his legs and sank down. My pussy spread for his thickness and I pushed his face into my breasts when he went to kiss them. Bouncing up and down on his cock, with him sucking and biting on my nipples, I came again and eventually heard Joe cry out as his cock erupted up my pussy. We stayed like that for some time until I pulled away with Joes cum dripping out of my sex. Joe reached up, held my face and pulled me back downwards. We kissed and I kissed a man like I hadn't in years. It was full of passion, full of need and and full of appreciation to a man who'd given me exactly what I needed for a long long time.

    Joe's meal time from then on was definitely the last one. It gave us the time and the opportunity to fuck as much as we wished, and believe me that was nearly every day. I'd even volunteer to do some of the meal run, during my lunch time from my full time job. Just so I could feel Joe's cock fucking my pussy and latterly my asshole. And things haven't slowed down either. Myself and Joe still fuck as often as we can, and we even fuck at other times of the day and at other locations. One being in my new car, another when the weather's fine, is at a local beauty spot Joe introduced me to. Taking his beautiful cock deep up my asshole as he bends me over our favorite rock, whilst looking over the valley, is just magical and never fails to have me climaxing multiple times. He might be a senior member of our society, but he's no old man. Joe has enough stamina and sexual energy to put most younger men to shame, and that includes my husband. A man who should be keeping me happy, but hasn't for years.

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    I'm an old friend of your husband and I'm turning you in, kiddo.
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    Thanks for writing such a detailed and engaging post. I love reading your blog posts because although you fill them to the brim with valuable info, you break it up with examples and images so it doesnât feel like Iâm reading a huge essay. Great tool for keeping the readerâs attention.

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