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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 44

    I was 14, my brother 15 and his friend 15. I was the girl, so I was the one getting things for them. I went to make snack and some lemonade. It was hot outside, we were sitting on the roof outside my brother's bedroom. It was his favorite place to hang out, he had these two lawn chairs that he had braced to the roof and when he let me out he would put out an old bedspread for me to sit on. It was a fun place to be, to spend the afternoons.

    On that afternoon, after I came back with the snack and the lemonade, he told me that he and his friend wanted to get a look. When I didn't want to do something my brother would kiss me on the mouth. He kissed me on the mouth and he told me that they wanted to see and feel my titties. I wasn't sure, but he kissed me again, only this time for a real long time, and grabbed my tit and told me to take off my shirt so that they could see my titties.

    He helped me lay back on the bedspread, he reassured me that no one could see us where we were, he unbuttoned my blouse and he tried to undo my bra. I had to reach back and undo it and he took my bra off and I lay totally topless on the bedspread outside his window where he and his friend could see my titties.

    He got down on his knees and started to kiss and suck my titties, to kiss my mouth, and to feel and kiss my titties. He did not let his friend touch me, he just let him watch.

    That night, after lights out at the house, he came into my room and got in bed with me and told me he wanted to kiss. We kissed for a while, this time he kissed me and felt up my titties, snuck several long kisses on my nipples. He had a big erection which I held in my hand while he kissed me. Usually he would have me hold him until he came, but that night he wanted me to take my pants off. He stuck it in a little, I was holding him hard with my hand so he couldn't get too much in, he came all over me. I told him that was going to far, not to try and stick it in again.

    Sometimes when he hugs me and holds me I get that feeling again. I know it will go away, but when I get that feeling it is an almost uncontrollable urge to hold on to him. I have to be careful, because usually we are in the open, around other people, including my husband. I never get that feeling from my husband, only when my brother holds me. In my moments alone I know it all because of that incompleted act. I should have let him, I wanted to let him, I want to go back to that night and let him, but the moment is lost.

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    That moment is not lost. It is only hidden behind the act of being an adult. It is definitely there when two of you would get some alone time together and you could talk about it for a moment.
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    what a beautyfull memory to have.

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