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    Straight Female / 29

    When I caught my husband fucking my younger brother Danny, I didn't react as I thought I might. Danny isn't retarded or anything, but he is or was a loner and sometimes used to get picked on. His size and looks didn't help either, as he's small and some say he looks a bit feminine.
    Watching my husband fucking Danny on our bed nearly nine months ago, I instantly felt an overwhelming love for them both. Danny was obviously enjoying being fucked from the sounds of his constant moaning, and my husband was fucking him like there was no tomorrow. I didn't let them know I was there, and I didn't tell them both later when I returned home after walking out.
    What I did do, was put a camera in our bedroom which was relatively easy to do. And subsequently filmed them fucking on eight separate occasions within five weeks. Only then did I get them both together and show them what I'd recorded.
    They both thought that was that, but I explained to them how much Danny had come out of his shell of late. And that I put it down to them having a sexual relationship with my husband.
    It's now been nine months since I first watched them fuck. Danny no longer sneaks to our home to have my husband fuck him, as I'm now more often than not at home when they fuck. My sex life with my husband has also bizarrely improved and he accepts if I wanted to, I could find and fuck other men. I haven't, as I now adore my family and it's very peculiar interaction.

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