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    Gay Male / 31

    My life had taken a bit of a bad turn. I had lost my job and to make ends meet I took a job as a sales clerk in the mall. My lunch break was around six and I went to the food court. I met the man who sold suits at the same store and we started to arrange having our lunch break together. He was a professional salesman and had been selling men's suits pretty much his whole career. His resume included most of the big department stores.

    We became friends, actually at that time he was the only person I talked to other than across the sales counter. He knew that where they had me there just wasn't going to be any commissions to speak about. Those jobs were for guys like me, down on their luck, just happy to get minimum wage. He told me the bigger dollars were in shoes, men's suits, and handbags.

    One day he told me that selling required me to have very nice hands. He held my hand in his, he showed me how his were manicured and he told me he used transparent polish. He told me that I had nice hands, and that he could make arrangements for his manicurist to take care of me. It was forty bucks, plus tip, and he could tell that was a strain, so he offered to pay it himself.

    We went together on our day off, Thursday. It was funny him not being in a suit. The place we went was where only someone who knew about it went. The manicurist was very gay acting. He was quite disgusted with my hands, but he told me that for his friend's sake, he would take care of me. I had never had my hands held so long by another man, much less a gay man. My friend sat quietly beside me while his manicurist did his magic. As he worked he sought approval of my friend, he would say, you want his hands nice and soft and no hangnails, so he can treat you right.

    When he was done, and my friend approved, he asked the gay man to give me a facial, his treat. To lay back and enjoy being pampered. I had hot towels on my face, a neck massage, a chest massage, a face massage, and when I had the hot towel on my face removed, my friend was standing over me and asked me how I liked it, his hands on either side of my face, and he leaned over and kissed me. He whispered that we all needed to stay together. The gay manicurist, just laughed and said I was in good hands.

    He was very meticulous when he undressed, he was obviously not someone who spent any time outside. He took my penis in his hands and gently massaged me into an erection and he gave me my first ever man blow job, gently, thorough, not like anything I had experienced. He didn't let me complete, he lay back on the bed and asked me to come over and show him what I could do. To start by holding his penis in my hand, get used to the wonderful feeling, to use my imagination and get an erection out of him, to think where I wanted his penis to be after he became erect.

    To use my mouth, to savor it, to think of all the penises that had gone by and not a one that I had the courage to suck. He gave me instructions and recommendations and guidance, and he would lean over from time to time and suck me, always keeping my penis in his hand. He said that before making love, we needed to kiss. To feel it in my toes. He whispered to me what he was going to do with his penis and he promised I was going to enjoy it.

    He suggested that for my first time I lay on my back, missionary style. He used lots and lots of lubricant, he used one and then two fingers, he would lean over and suck on my penis for a short minute, and then he managed himself into an erection and he laid down on me using his hand to place his penis where he wanted it. It did not hurt, it went in smooth and fast, he told me I was doing a good job, to lay back and really enjoy it. He pinched my nipples, he bent far over for a kiss, it just did not last long enough, soon he was done, his face showed it all. He asked for a few minutes to recover and he would help me with his hand and his mouth. He was going to give me a real blow job.

    It was strange seeing his mouth on my penis, but he did what he promised, he quickly got me up to a full erection and using his strong hands and his mouth I soon had an ejaculation, which he cleaned up with some Kleenex he had by the bed.

    He was gentle and competent, and he knew what he wanted from me and soon it was a weekly and then daily affair. He introduced me to his friends, his arm around my shoulder. He dressed me, being into men's clothes, he always made sure I was well dressed, my hands manicured, my hair properly styled. he doesn't like me to go out embarrassing him by the way I look. I am sure that it is obvious to the men stopping buy to get some lotion and cologne thought I am probably gay. I am gay, but I believe it is the manicured hands that gives it away. He has tenure at the store, which makes it better for me. It will be a while before I get a better station, where I can make more money. But I like my job, and I like my hands. I can't believe I had never had a manicure.

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