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    Gay Male / 19

    If you're married, female and live in a certain area in the South East of the UK, and your husband has recently had a skip in his step, where usually he's been a little depressed. Then begin to wonder if he's not one of the many married men I've sucked off or had fucking me these past eleven months. Two of the men actually live on the same street as me, and are both married to women who won't give them what they want sexually. Others meet me at a well known location which gay, bisexual and curious men meet to have sex. All of them leave me with a little gift of money, not enough to get rich on, but enough to supply myself with cleanser, condoms and lube. Believe you me, there are many mnay men out there who are meeting up to fuck one another and their wives are non the wiser.
    Since I've opened my mouth and arsehole to these horny men, I've had men from all levels of society using my mouth and arsehole to get off with. From unemployed, to normal every day workers onto very highly paid directors and other wealthy individuals. From teenagers to men in their sixties and seventies. All have tasted my sexual skills and lots come back for more.
    So Ladies if your man is worrying happy of late, have in mind it might be my arsehole he's now fucking.

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    Thank you. Many women donât seem to understand that men need their cocks drained daily and crave to have a wet mouth or hole to fuck. Keep offering your services.
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    You have a high opinion of yourself.
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    Actually this was funny :)
    A cock needs pumping once or twice a day and a young boy like you, well I would love to spend an hour with you alone. Good boy! You keep pumping those cocks!
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    There are more bi-sexual men out there than people would believe. If no one gets hurt and your both up for it. Enjoy yourselves. Keep safe !!
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    You hate women, don't you?
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    All nonsense.

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