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    Straight Male / 54

    I stepped outside last night to smoke. Took a big hit and got choked. When the coughing started, I was blowing some shit out with each cough. Didn't shit myself that much but I could feel it fall down to the back of my leg. Then I turned and started making my way back into the house to clean up. I also started thinking of the bullshit I read on here about people enjoying shitting themselves. Pulled my longjohns off and threw them in the sink to wash out. It was all nasty and smelled like shit. Go figure. I took no pleasure in except for the smoke. Finally got to write a confession. Can't really believe that there are shit eaters in the world either. Although, one of my ex wife's ate my shit once. Yep, I straddled the bitch to shit in her face, she took it down her throat. Fuck me

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    I clicked on Remove This but they must like it. I personally don't believe the story comes under the title Adult Sex Confessions. But, since I am here let me insert a phrase that you might just enjoy.
    This is written on the public shit house walls.

    "He who writes on the shit house walls,
    Should roll his shit in little balls.
    And he who reads these rhymes of wit,
    Should have to eat those balls of shit."
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    Adult Confessions.**m you added the sex! And you must eat shit. I say, go eat shit and die!

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