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    Straight Male / 35

    Once in a while my pretty little wife decides she needs to get trashed. Well she did accomplish her mission. We finally went to bed wee hours of the morning. Sometime in the night as she can't remember getting up to go to the bathroom. It was only something I questioned as what took place the next morning.

    If you are married to what you picture as your dream wife that is who I married myself. That of course is going to give a guy an ever occurring hard on. Sex is going to happen everyday in our house and I'm ready to go NOW. I told her I needed sex and I want to eat her holes.

    She rolls the blankets back and gets up on all 4's arching her traffic stopping ass in the air. I'm get around behind her and stopped, I am not understanding what I am seeing. Her ass hole is thick shit covered, her crack and it's smeared across her butt cheek. I told her she had shit all over her ass. She was quiet a few seconds and asked me
    "To much for ya?" I had to admit yes. She went to wash embarrassed.

    Evidently in her drunken stupor she went and had a major blow out in the night and did a swipe job instead of a wipe job.

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    Thatâs why I avoid drunk sex. I donât drink but my wife will occasionally. Last time she drank was 3 years ago. When she gets drunk she gets very horny and that night she wanted to give me a blowjob. She rarely gives me one so I was happy to receive

    Only this time as she was blowing me she threw up during the blowjob. Nasty as hell. She was embarrassed. But ever since then sheâs been giving me one blowjob a week to completion as she still feels guilty about that night

    As much as I love blowjobs I rather just have sex though

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