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    Straight Female / 43

    My husband and I were talking and he had mentioned how hot it would be for me to get my nipples pierced. I have always been a bit freaked out by that idea, but I wanted to surprise him. We don't celebrate Valentine's day like most people on the 14th but instead, we celebrate the anniversary of our first date which is just a few days sooner. Luckily he had gone to a convention for work and would be coming back on our anniversary. So I decided to do it, and the day after he was gone, I went and got both of my nipples pierced. I was a bit nervous at first. It was a guy who was running the needle, but he was very professional about it.
    The awkward moment came a few days later when I was looking at them in the mirror, checking out how they looked and how they were healing. I had let my robe fall down so I could see what I would be showing off to my husband as his surprise. Then my son barged into the room without knocking or anything. He immediately turned around and averted his eyes as he left the room, but I felt mortified. He has been silent and can barely look me in the eyes. I am a bit disappointed that he saw them before my husband did.

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    Did it turn you on a bit knowing he saw your nipples? He's probably jerking off to a mental pic of your tits. You should let him see them more by wearing see thru tops and no bra. Maybe loose shorts with no panties.
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    I work in an E.R. and can tell you that sometimes piercings of tongue, ears, nipples, genitalia, can sometimes result is infections that leave permanent scars or surgical excisions.
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    Worthless posting. The dame failed to mention the cup size those nipples are a part of.

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