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    Straight Female / 23

    In the tenth grade my best friend and classmate and I kissed for the pleasure of our boyfriend. We kiss, hold hands, lay my head in her lap, share food, dress alike, etc. We were tagged as lesbians in school. Pur boyfriend dated us together, taking us to our junior and senior proms. We went off to college together, favoring our number two school so we would not be separated.

    We are not lesbians, our focus is on him, we love him, we are both his lovers, we live together to be with him together. We will graduate this spring, and intend to go where he chooses to take us. We know where we are going after college.

    We do exhibit affection for each other, because we do love each other. But we are not lesbians, we are like twin sisters. One day in about a year we will all be living together. We would like to work and save for a house so we can have a home and build a family.

    I know there are other families similar to the family we want to have. We are church attending Christian women, we are not perverts and do not engage in same gender sex. We did not hold ourselves sex free until legal marriage, because we consider ourselves married in our heart for some time now. All we want is for people to have an open mind and not jump to conclusions or discriminate against us.

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    You should watch the movie, The Professor and His Wonder Women.
    It's right up you alley if your story is true. Also, a good film.
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    Fine girl. Keep that open mind. Key here however & of course your [the both of you] quote : "our focus is on HIM, we love HIM, we are both HIS lovers". Also sustain your devoted attention to "go where HE chooses to take us". Of course love each other like sisters with benefits, as long as you comprehend the extended benefits you two will receive by keeping your man satisfied & happy. This appears sustainable with a healthy prognosis, per your adherence to my advice.
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    The only people who will discriminate against you are other Christians.
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    I'm tired of hearing people make believe they are Christians. What it takes to actually be one is beyond human capability. It's an unreachable ideal and exists only to provide a direction. In my view, religions need to fade from humanity and be replaced by real spirituality and logic.
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    Yep and when the other has a boy, he cab learn to be a good lover. Boys and men like pussy

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