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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 21

    I was not 13 yet and on a hot summer day on the back yard lawn, I saw my brother and his friend had brought two lawn chairs side by side. From the back of the chairs, they seemed to be asleep, heads back, but I realized they were doing something. I walked up. Their eyes were closed and they were jerking each other off. My brother had Tim's hard penis wrapped in his tight hand and Tim had his. They were really going to town, moaning. Electrified, I watched as long as I felt it safe to watch, then left.

    When I began to masturbate, a year or so later, that was the image that I masturbated to --- their co-jerk --- for years. I build up stories in my mind as to how I come to them and begin to suck them both off then let them both fuck me for hours. I do it to this day. I even imagine getting a boyfriend to co-jerk another boy then sexing both of them. I might do it at some point. I'm really obsessed with it. When I meet the right boy I'm going for it.

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    you are a special girl.
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    I know the perfect guy for you

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