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    Bi-Sexual Female / 22

    I don't remember when my aunt Jenny and her horny, dirty-mouthed husband, Tom, started talking dirty to me. I was not yet 16, I think. I used to avoid them because they would corner me and tell me all the sexual things they were going to do to me. At first it scared me then I began to get curious. They told me about their wild sex lives with other people from kids to oldies. I never doubted them.

    It seems like yesterday that I graduated from school and they took me out to dinner, a nice, expensive place. They gave me amazing wine then some after dinner drinks. Then with more than a buzz-on, they took me home with them. They undressed me, put me to bed then got naked and jumped in with me. The rest was a blur. I had told them I was not a virgin and they took me through the entire sex manual.

    They've been doing me for a few years now and I have grown addicted to it. Apparently all their sex talk was not made up stuff.

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    Tell me about there sex talk
    8 days ago
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    You are every uncles' dream. Remember you are doing well fulfilling your mandate. What is happening is what nature intended for many women. Be happy.
    7 days ago

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